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  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Bluejeans wrote: »
    Nyctea wrote: »
    Bluejeans wrote: »
    Nyctea wrote: »
    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Innocent Hair
    Website link: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/20972/cash-shop-update-3-1
    Image of item:

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Empress Aria Hair
    Website link: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/4397/cash-shop-specials-10-7-10-13
    Image of item:

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Rough Pigtails
    Website link: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/8449/cash-shop-specials-5-4-5-10
    Image of item:

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Fresh Wave Hair
    Website link: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/19876/cash-shop-update-12-28
    Image of item:

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Aurora Hair
    Website link: Not Found (*NEW* Suggestion)
    Image of item:

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Prim Air Hair
    Website link: Not Found (*NEW* Suggestion)
    Image of item:

    These I'd like to see in a future Cash Shop Update :) Thank you for having our suggestions in mind ~

    Please don't request so many hairstyles at once? If you do, at least request good ones. The last one is a good example of a good hairstyle. I don't really know what you see in the others. Nexon can't possibly put all of these in a rotation. You understand that right?

    Just tired of seeing people request 5 million things at once.

    Amen. The last hair is good, but the rest of them are not. Bringing these hairstyles into rotation would result in a money loss for nexon, so I don't see why you request such bad hairstyles. The purpose of these hairstyles is exclusively to even out the rotations. There are often two good hairstyles , two "funny/troll" hairstyles and two ugly hairstyles. The hairstyles you requested belong in the later category.

    Nothing wrong with requesting hairstyles, but keep it down?

    Like someone said above, this is matter of opinion. If you don't like, it is your own problem. I personally don't like the last one, like you do. But I made this together with other friends and made the favor to share a few favorites. I listed 6, yes, because they usually release 6 kind of hairstyles. Doesn't mean I want all in the same rotation. It means out of those, I wouldn't mind seeing one or even two. Next time keep your personal opinion to yourself, since this thread is to post suggestions for Cash Shop, not own opinions and disrespecting others taste.

    I understand it all comes down to personal taste, but you cannot tell me to not voice my opinion regarding the hairstyles. People are usually having opinions of every rotation, so I do not see the issue with approaching the problem before it is unchangable. My suggestion here is to not put those hairstyles into rotation. Next time don't take things personally, as this was not aimed to insult your taste?

    You do know that is the same thing right? you're just saying it differently

    Suggesting it to not be approved is the same as saying you don't like it so...

    you are insulting their taste lol

    anyways you can't state that yourself on how it would make nexon lose money, you don't know that for sure just because you don't like it

    If anything, it looks like you only want to approve ones that you like yourself and will shoot others down that people like but you don't...

    such selfish act, heh

  • Server instability megathread

    Arurei wrote: »

    It's just a game. No need to get worked up. Cant argue that. Spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of ours on this game? Too bad. That was your decision.

    Nothing changes that fact. Just chill out and peacefully wait. You signed up for the game and nexon never promised anything, so quit expecting and complaining. **** happens.

    Solution: Just wait. 1-3 weeks of your long lives isn't gonna kill you. Do something else.

    are you serious right now?? like honestly what you're saying is just ridiculous

    you are speaking in such a selfish and narrow minded point of view and hav to understand that others feel different about the game, don't be going telling others to be calm and all

    just because you are fine with this and are patient as hell doesn't mean others will be, if anything this is to be expected since we been waiting for days to have a stable server, you really expect them to be cool after such terrible service for many constant days? lmao rly

    yes it may be a game, but behind it is a company, yes unexpected things happen but based on experience this is not the first time at all, if anything it just further shows their poor professionalism and service as a company, also their communication is poor

    everything you said is only suited for yourself and is invalid, ain't nobody wanna deal with this bs but apparently you do

  • Game is still broken

    well then... when's the next useless maintenance? and the one after that?
  • Making perm nx tradeable until equipped from AH

    Buying perm nx equips from auction house makes it untradeable already even if you didn't equip it yet

    Like, what's the reason for this? We can buy perm nx equips in fm and it's tradeable until equipped so... for a change I would like it so that buying perm nx in auction house will not make the equip untradeable instantly
  • Quit Game Button? Where is it?

    AKradian wrote: »
    You can always click the 'X' in the top right of the window frame.

    Or you can use "Change Character", then press ESC on the character selection screen to go back to server selection, and there click the "Quit Game" button.

    It would be better if the two options were available, change character and quit game

    What about those who play full screen?