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  • is anyone else having a problem

    Ayoitsian wrote: »
    I may just resort to making a random Cadena and then using the name change coupon from the Nova coin shop. More convenient.

    Us users shouldn't have to resort to such problems. It is rather unfortunate. The event is only available until the 13th of December. If it releases after the event, you might have to pay 15k NX. It is not guaranteed your IGN will be released then.
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    Arwoo wrote: »
    The introduction of the name cooldown surprised us as well and because of this, it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes.
    First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for this oversight and now it comes down to us and the community delivering feedback in regards to this cooldown.

    From reading through the posts in this thread, I can see that Maplers hate it.
    However, it was informed that this system was introduced to discourage individuals from mass storing names to either sell or prevent others from using.

    It's a given that everyone wants the best names to themselves, but do you guys feel that this may help the overall fairness of name distribution? Or is it preferred to retain the first come first server name save basis?

    I think it was a poor oversight that this change was implemented despite never being mentioned in the patch notes, and also there is a name-change event going on. How do they expect people to participate in the event if our reserved IGNs are unusable? On top of that, this all happened when new classes are coming out.

    I think the system isn't fair for those who had their own names reserved for themselves. I do not intend to sell, but this gives a huge disservice to legit players due to abusers of the system. I just want to reuse an IGN within my own account, and that is no longer viable.

    IGNs are personal, and well-thought out for many individuals. We take a lot of time and care into thinking of an IGN, and we use MapleStory to store it for future use. Many times, I am sure people just go, "Oh, this would be a great IGN (maybe even to a specific upcoming class). Let me save it, so I can use it in the future!"

    Also, this system is ridiculously vague. It honestly did not occur to me that this would be a way to combat RMT, and it felt like a system that did not make sense to a legitimate player.

    At the moment, I am currently awaiting a response from my ticket. I am missing out on time to participate with the new events going on, simply because I cannot create my Cadena with the IGN I wish to have on her.

    A solution to this could either be:
    • Get rid of the system all together, because it does not fit with GMS's culture.
    • Have the CD be set outside of the account, and have people use names they saved inside their own accounts whenever they want.
  • Potential Bug? Throwing Stars Improvement.

    Hello, I made a thread about a year ago regarding the potential bug on where you can recharge your throwing stars. I am so tired of the inability to recharge Balanced Furies at any shop (I cannot even recharge them in Henesys, Nameless, or Chu Chu). I usually go to El Nath's General Store or Root Abyss to recharge them. I want to say it is a bug, because there is a huge inconsistency where you can recharge them.

    Quality of life suggestions:
    • Allow any and all throwing stars to be recharged at any shops. This should include our Android shops. If you can buy arrows and potions anywhere, you should be able to recharge your stars. Also, there is a huge inconsistency on where you can recharge stars and which stars.
    • Have a "throwing star slot" for a selected throwing star to reduce inventory space. I am personally fine carrying twelve sets of stars, but there is a lot of use items that I would like to save up in my inventory space such as scrolls and potions. This is just a mere suggestion, but I realize there might be a balance problem with Shadow Stars.
  • santa boxes and V coins

    The people who push the decisions truly do not listen to their community. I mean, what the -? Are you for real, Nexon? I came back from a long break to check things out, and they are still the same company as they began. How the hell can I obtain some of the items, even if I commit farming everyday? Some of the costs are atrocious. This game is meant to be fun, but it is not.
  • General Improvements for Throwing Stars

    100% agree on the ability to recharge all stars at all shops.

    I would like to see a separate inventory for throwing stars, or at least a bag. I don't know if I would like a dedicated slot. I carry mostly steelies (cause they look the coolest) and 1 set of icies, when I see icies I know that I need to recharge soon, which is extremely helpful and takes pressure off of accidentally running out of stars. However, if we had only a single dedicated throwing star slot I don't trust Nexon to code it in such a way that this would still work.
    There is a huge inconsistency in where you can recharge your stars, and some shops do not allow you to recharge any stars. It is just a hassle if you have a variety of stars to go to multiple locations to recharge everything.

    I just think it's another function of MapleStory that seems dated.