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  • Legionnaires wrote: » Blissful, it is still tradeable with a PSOK. I PSoK'd it before the patch, and it says untradeable after use. I have been too afraid to unequip it to equip it again. Did it override my PSoK? lol
  • I literally just completed a Scarlet Ring this week for some flexibility in future sets that might come. I primed, cubed, added a nice nebulite, and PSoK'd it. I just can't believe it is completely untradeable and does nothing. What is the point of …
  • As someone who got hit with the detection, does this flag our account for usage of illegal programs? While I am glad there was a quick fix, but with the on-going concerns about false bans, I want to know that legitimate users are safe.
  • Holy crap! That is incredible! Great job on everything. Everything paid off so well in the end! You look like a true warrior. By the way, is there a reference in how your character looks in-game?
  • I am commenting on this because I have been doing this Step-Up event quite diligently and I have been stuck on this for the past two weeks. I am ridiculously unlucky, and have not received many souls despite doing Root Abyss boss everyday. In the pa…
  • Invulgo wrote: » Hello Please use the Bug Reporting Guidelines when posting in this section. Link: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/6845/maplestory-bug-reporting-guidelines#latest I am looking for other bug reports on this i…
  • Arwoo wrote: » As some of you may have noticed already, we have removed the 24 hour cooldown requirement before claiming a name of a deleted character. We do apologize to those of you who dealt with this requirement over the past few days, and can…
  • Ayoitsian wrote: » I may just resort to making a random Cadena and then using the name change coupon from the Nova coin shop. More convenient. Us users shouldn't have to resort to such problems. It is rather unfortunate. The event is only avail…
  • Ayoitsian wrote: » Lmao I set the alarm for the exact time and it's now 10 minutes later. Still can't use it. I also just realised that it's a RANDOM TIME after 24 hours so idk even when I can do it ;-; Unfortunately, it is ridiculously vague w…
  • Arwoo wrote: » The introduction of the name cooldown surprised us as well and because of this, it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for this oversight and now it comes down to us and the community del…
  • I actually made
  • The people who push the decisions truly do not listen to their community. I mean, what the -? Are you for real, Nexon? I came back from a long break to check things out, and they are still the same company as they began. How the hell can I obtain so…
  • Is this a bug or intentional?
  • So I hope Nexon kinda does take this suggest into consideration, because I find it silly I cannot restore my Balanced Furies in the Henesys General Store.
  • 100% agree on the ability to recharge all stars at all shops. I would like to see a separate inventory for throwing stars, or at least a bag. I don't know if I would like a dedicated slot. I carry mostly steelies (cause they look the coolest) and 1…