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  • Bug fixes that still exist with Jetts

    Hey, I recently took it upon myself to level up a jett and main it to A) prove people that you can get far just by investing your time into any class and B ) I genuinely enjoy the class and just wish it would get fixed. Keep in mind, most of these bugs have been with the class for over 4 years, and I will try my best to keep this post emotionless.

    A general thing that keeping people from playing this class is most of jetts skill have a weird lock in animation thing where after you cast a skill it will lock you in animation for like half a second making it feel really clunky and unsmooth to use. Only ones you get decent speed infusion and green pot does it start feeling bearable, but the whole lock in animation thing hinders the class.

    First Job:
    Honestly, other then spacewalk (their flash jump) covering little to no distance, I got no complaints. Everything functions it says in the description.

    Second Job:
    This is where the bugs begin.

    There is only one skill and that's Vortex Cross, idk if the bugs kick in ones you get 5th job or not, but if you double tap this skill or use it diagonally, it will just do half or even 1/4 of its intended damage which is done by either pressing this skill ones or holding this skill down.
    This skill in general just feels like it's a mess. If you do a damage test it shows up 2 to 3 different times in battle analysis with different titles and same icon (being the vortex cross icon).

    Other then that skill, everything else seems to be functioning properly so I got no complains there.

    Third Job:

    Turret Deployment. This is the only summon in the game (excluding souls) that does not crit. Why? Every other class that has a turret summon it crits, this one doesn't

    Cosmic Upheaval. There are times where this skill straight up doesn't pull mobs towards you that were hit. (This type is for balance purposes ->) Is it possible to increase the skills ratios? Since if this skill is only intended to be a crowd control tool then ignore this comment, but if it's I tended to kill monsters then 100% 3 lines is way too weak.

    Forth Job:

    Backup Beatdown. This skills animations do not get effected by attackspeed at all. Usually (even hurricane based skills), when attack speed stats getting stacked, the pre cast and the post cast animations get faster, for this skill it doesn't.

    Strikeforce Showdown. This is the only skill in the game that is a core of a characters bossing kit and does not have a boost mode for it. Why? My suggestion is put Starforce Salvo and Strikeforce Showdown in the same nodes, since A) it will make it so current jett mains that have their V-Matrix loadout finish don't have to redo the whole thing just because of this core skill, B ) it will bring jett up to par with the current classes roster, and C) many classes already have multiple skills on one boost nodes (Ark, Zero, mechanic (Salvo mode keeps its effect doesn't matter which mode you in), etc). Overall a much needed change for a while.

    Hyper Skills:

    Bionic Maximizer. The most underwhelming hyper skill in the game.

    Singularity Shock. Locks you in animation, locks you in place, and doesn't do significant damage. Most skills like that get turned into i-frames (Kaiser's hyper skill, Thunder breaker's hyper skill, etc) so maybe the same could be done here, since jett is the only class in the game without an iframe.

    Fifth Job:

    Gravity Crush. This skills second part (being the damage is increased based on the damage your party members do) doesn't work.

    Allied Fury. This skill still crashes you. The crash happens on the second portion of the skill where the enemies get hit by a second attack. Also if the enemies are intended to be killed by the first portion of this skill, they will still get hit by it's second part making monsters stay alive longer then intended. Also, this is more of a quality of life change, but since this is technically the first efficient skill that the jetts have, is it possible to lower its cooldown a little more? Just a personal favorite since I do enjoy using this skill to grind a lot.

    Conclusion, I would really love to get some feedback from some senior developers or someone who I can trust will make a difference please.

    Edit1: changed B) to B )
    Edit2: added a small conclusion.
  • Problem with the customer support (hear me out)

    To start of I would like to give a quick background story about myself.

    I worked in the customer service and retail industry for over 5 years. I have worked with the management and have supervised shifts before. Handling with customers is the main thing I enjoyed doing form my years of experience and when people do it carelessly, it's hard to look at and I try to help them out.

    Recently a couple of people have been getting their accounts banned due to the auto banning system (not really an issue, it happens). However, after they appeal for the removal of their ban, they all been getting a generic approach that their case has been looked over and that the ban will stay even though they are innocent. This ends the user feeling like the been answered by a mechine that is just commanded to automatically answer. The answers that are given by the customer service in the ban appeal are always generic and are never specific so the appealer feels like the person never actually looked into their case. (There were 3 threads with a copy paste response for 3 different people by 3 different gms).

    Let's say those people were actually guilty, then what about Sorrowfulm, a youtuber that got his account hacked and was never treated correctly until he got a "real" GM took the case into his hands and solved the problem. The reason I said real is because this person actually comes to work to do work. He did his job, he actually sat down and worked for what he is getting payed for, unlike the other person that was making this case a nightmare.

    I do use reddit every now and then, but after reading a couple of threads around here I feel like people don't like their presents here. I just want the game to improve, if 1 person is taking 1 week, and after it gets released to the public that a youtuber is getting treated poorly, a person finishes it within a day, then something is wrong.

    TL;DR There are a large amount of people who keep on getting an automatic response from customer support leaving them with a feeling that those people have never actually opened their case and just gave the automatic response due to not wanting to put any workload on themselve.