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  • Nexon should buff map spawns and remove kishin

    "nexon should remove spawn boosters" sound better for me then "nexon should remove kishin"
    we are allready covered with lootbox ( $sink) systems,there is no need to make it worse
    kishin had ninja nerf "bug"

    if nexon ever decide remove frenzy and kish and bring normal back its fine
    maybe put spawn boost 2x together with 2xEXP/DROP event

    ps: i wonder why allways kish its the "problem maker" why not start with "nexon should remove frenzy"?
  • Potential solution to spawn rates and such

    not bad
    but good luck with nexon "remove/change" F$R$E$N$Z$Ytotem
    In before kish mystically breaks function, then instead of fix remove and turn to future "balance"
  • ~ Bonus Potential Cubes ~

    small step but... !
    KMST got osculat bpot in event shop =)
  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement

    I was going to ask the same thing.
    Is it intentional that to get the achievment wer'e supposed to visit maps that you can only access once, during story, or character creation?
    Common sense is that you'll have to visit character specific maps, but not maps that get closed off after you visit.
    A good example would be "Black Heaven Main Computer" Room in the Scrapyard region.
    The only way to access the map is to have a character visit it during a one-time quest in a story. I could complete the quest until I had a new character reach level 200 and only then I could start the quest.

    also, I don't have enough slots for character in theserver I'm playing, so if I have to make a new character to get an achievment, I have to either delete a character, or play in another world.
    yes i agree
    well i belive the refresh system its made for that, to avoid the need of remakeing char just for a quest/map achivment
    i mentiond few other achivments thats has kinda same issue as nautilus,so they work on other aswell
    black heaven pc room its good example too

    so far traits got fixed with last patch/sc also lvls i belive ( all tho makeing 1 lvl will make you get all you missed before )
  • Maple Achievement Nautilus Exploration Achievement

    ehhh i still got 14/14 pending
    refresh button was open
    also traits worked
    VL tower map ,scar-targa map ,dualbalde traning maps and few other still missing that can be done only once and cant go back unless remake char