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this is like twitter except no one reads it


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  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type: Hair
    Item name: Elodie Hair
    Website link: not featured yet
    Image of item: mIcGkPj.png

    hi this is my 3817948th comment of requesting Elodie Hair because it has been in GMS' data for a year now but it has never been featured in a royals rotation. So far we've gotten Foggy Elodie Hair twice but it is no match to the perfection that is this hair.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item Type: Hair
    Item Name: Elodie Hair
    Image: JeqKTUp.png

    Elodie Hair has not yet been featured in GMS. It came with the v200 patch, but it has never been put into the rotation! So this hair isn't that difficult to put into the rotation (:
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    It's been a while since this pants has been in the game! There aren't many good LONG pants in the game, if any, which is why most people tend to just wear overalls or Underwear / Cowboy Shorts. It was last seen roughly 2 years ago when there was a sale for permanent Black NX, like 4,000 NX each.

  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Friendly reminder that requesting 100 things in one comment makes it hard for other people to let their voice be heard :)

    Anyways here are my suggestions.

  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Sam016 wrote: »
    Bluejeans wrote: »
    I understand it all comes down to personal taste, but you cannot tell me to not voice my opinion regarding the hairstyles. People are usually having opinions of every rotation, so I do not see the issue with approaching the problem before it is unchangable. My suggestion here is to not put those hairstyles into rotation. Next time don't take things personally, as this was not aimed to insult your taste?

    They are suggestions, people suggest whatever they want... No one really cares if someones likes it or not

    That's not entirely true. As krsk wrote: "If you agree with a suggestion made by another member of the community and would like to see it in a future cash shop rotation, please make sure to hit the like button to show your interest and support."

    This implies that comments with a lot of likes are more likely to be forwarded than those without any likes. Now I have no idea how the entire process works, but the last suggestion thread was a mess. It's the reason why Arwoo replaced that thread with this newly improved one. It's likely that if people are going to keep suggesting 50 things at once, rather than just one or two things, the thread could get messy again and Nexon won't know what we want really. It's heading that direction already. Maybe the post should be updated so that suggestions are limited to one or two suggestions.

    Anyway, addressing the post Nyctea made: what I said wasn't meant to be a personal attack. I just think that we won't get anywhere with requesting a bunch of things at once. It was wrong to single out someone like that, but I just think there are so many ways to make threads like these better.

    People will keep suggesting things and the list will get longer and longer. With the amount of cash shop updates there are nowadays, there's no way they can grant all our wishes, which is why this thread had more potential, as people are encouraged to like things they see. I think it's fair if someone says that they dislike something too. Unfortunately there's no dislike button, so it's done in other ways. Just thought I'd explain some things and share my thoughts.