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  • Bug illium 2 Job

    Same exact issue for me. Just got on forums after contacting Nexon live chat, GM said they're aware of the issue and "investigating" the case..
    Problem is, I'm out of the Illium city with no way back.. so even when it's fixed, how am I supposed to do the quest if I can't go back to actually start it?
    Don't wanna delete my Illium since it's pre-created, don't wanna lose my event rewards, and I can't create a new one cause I'm maxed on char slots...

    Server: Reboot
  • Keyboard stops working ONLY when playing MS

    I've been having this problem for a while now, I'm playing the game normally and all of a sudden my keyboard just stops working. Sticky keys are off.
    It happens randomly, and it ONLY happens when MS is active, so for example if I have MS on and it's even just minimized there's a chance it could happen.
    When it happens I must re-plug my keyboard, sometimes it happens during boss fights or even just training around and I lose my runs and EXP because it gets me killed.
    I'm using a USB Microsoft keyboard, nothing fancy.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and if anyone know how to fix this issue please let me know! Thanks.
  • how get back to commerci !! help plz !!

    You can't get back to Berry or Commerci at the moment, I did the same thing you did and I told a GM about it on live chat, they said they are aware of the problem and they'll probably have a fix soon. I saw a GM in Henesys (Reboot) yesterday, I asked him if he could teleport me to Berry, and he actually did! so.. unless you get lucky, you'd have to wait for Nexon to patch this.
  • [FEEDBACK] Easy Arkarium Death Count

    Nexon should remove the 1HKO from Ark or at least tweak it so you have a chance to avoid it.
    whenever I start seeing the screen shatters I just let go of my keyboard lol...
  • Help, can't enter Commerci

    Guys I asked a GM on live chat, they are aware of this problem and they'll probably have a fix for it soon