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December 25, 1900
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Half a week of being unable to post. I asked helpdesk what to do. I get told to message a forum moderator. But I can't message them because I can't post...
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Someone who is very lost when it comes to this game.
  • Anyone being DC because of "hack" reasons?

    I also received a crash relating to an NGS message. Right as I was buying a character slot on Reboot.

    Now I can't even log in to the Reboot server.
    (And just Reboot, other servers load fine it seems despite empty character selection...)
  • A desire for knowledge and opinions

    So, as I start playing more, leveling my wind archer, and getting interesting items, a thought occurred to me.
    Even though I figured phantom would be a neat main, it was not an informed decision.

    So, after looking at all the classes, these were the ones that caught my eye, and why.
    What I want is opinions or an idea of how these classes play, what gimmicks they have, etc.
    In a sense, I want information to help me properly decide, as this is much faster than just picking a class and hoping its fun.

    The classes were:

    Phantom: Having played persona 5 recently, a thief class named phantom was just something I was in the mood for, at least for a bit. That and that fancy cane. Although, his gimmick apparently is using skills of explorers. But I rarely see anyone be an explorer as I travel around, and on top of that, I don't know how he plays outside of that gimmick.

    Kinesis: Living, breathing, pure 100% concentrated anime. As a fan of Mob Psycho 100, this class looks neat from the get go. But I've learned to never judge on looks alone. A class may look cool, but it could be very boring, and I have no idea how this class plays or if it has any gimmicks.

    Angelic Buster: If Kinesis is 100% anime, this girl is 5000% anime. Sailor moon vibes. That or the typical magical girl stuff. She looks like a very silly class to play, and I get the impression that she is either average and mostly for giggles, or a complete destroyer of worlds. Pink always belongs to destroyers of worlds.

    Hayato: Wasn't a samurai person until I played Nioh, and now this class just looks neat. Although I don't know what would be different from a typical warrior class. I can't really get much out of class descriptions and appearances. Although the way the katana looked in creation seemed on point.

    Blaster: Are those really gun hands? That can either be done in a very dumb or very cool way. The description mentions devastating power, but based on what I've experienced so far in maple, that is something everyone has and having that isn't exactly special.

    Aran: A class I actually remember, how about that. Giant weapon, combo gimmicks, and something something ice powers. I've seen combo gimmicks before, but they can be kinda boring if not done in an interesting way. Is Aran any different?

    Keep in mind this isn't a "what class is best" thing.
    I just want an informed idea of what they all are so I can pick what I want.
  • Questions from a long gone player

    Due to certain reasons that would otherwise take too long to explain, I now have a lot of time on my hands and have decided to see what this game was up to during said time.

    And good lord, has this game changed since I last invested any time into it.

    I think the newest class when I last really played was Aran? Maybe Cygnus?
    Needless to say, I am very lost.

    Link skills, character cards, potential system, all the new classes, etc.

    I have quite a few questions to ask.

    1. How important are link skills, and are the following 7 characters good for me to start on for them? Cygnus Knight, Cannoneer, Kanna, Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Luminous, and Mercedes. The class I'm thinking of using all of these skills on is phantom, which has a neat cane. A CANE.

    2. What the heck is a reboot server, and was it a good choice for me to pick it? It was shiny and clearly has some importance behind it.

    3. Are cash clothing items still all temporary? Because I remember that being a huge reason to not buy them.

    4. Why are there so many classes?!

    5. Why does that Knesis fellow have anime music when I hover over him in character select? Is he made of 100% concentrated anime?

    6. Why are some classes greyed out at creation?

    7. Was phantom a bad choice of "main", or is the power of the fancy cane enough for me? If phantom isn't that fun, is there another class that might be fun?

    8. What is this potential stuff on my equipment, and how important is it?

    9. What are character cards and how important are they?

    10. I started playing as a Cygnus Knight first, as they are labelled a beginner class. Was this smart?

    11. When did this game have actual story and lore?

    12. What is a pink bean and why is it the first choice in creation?

    Hopefully after some answers I can actually understand things, as looking up information is difficult with how search works, and trying to look up guides on choosing a class only brought me to some tier list that only revolved around damage and told me nothing remotely helpful about what any class does.
  • @Forum mods

    After 1000 years I'm free!!!

    ...to ask questions and learn about the game I have not touched in literally years.