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December 25, 1900
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@No birds welcome here
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Half a week of being unable to post. I asked helpdesk what to do. I get told to message a forum moderator. But I can't message them because I can't post...
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Don't act like this is important.
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Someone who is very lost when it comes to this game.


  • I also received a crash relating to an NGS message. Right as I was buying a character slot on Reboot. Now I can't even log in to the Reboot server. (And just Reboot, other servers load fine it seems despite empty character selection...)
  • iKhan wrote: » The Reboot server Spell Traces are not actually used in Reboot. You can sell them though. You mostly just need to worry about star force, but even then it really isn't required until after level 100. Also remember to do the t…
  • Wait, you mean we actually need to farm meso in reboot? I've been going strong just casually playing and doing boss dailies. I thought this was normal since it gave me a pretty fair sum per day via minimal time and effort.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » These rewards will be distributed during a maintenance shortly after this event ends. Doesn't mean "immediately after the event ends". But it DOES mean "Shortly". The question then becomes: "How short?"
  • Jez wrote: » Neospector wrote: » When did you complete the event? like the day it came out. i got the gifts that were immediately credited. but wasnt there supposed to be the weapon/mount/ring given out after this past maintenance? Same h…
  • Krimlock wrote: » Well technically anyone that is enthusiastic about a class can make it sound like its the funnest thing in the world compared to any other class, truth is all classes are fun and yes even jett and beast tamer are fun. Like i s…
  • Ended up just getting the answer somewhere else, which was Hayato. (Runner up was Aran, but the argument wasn't nearly as good) This was also the only class arguement given to me that: Did not try to convince me with damage. Did not try to c…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » First order of business is what you're looking for in a class. Get that taken care of and suggestions/recommendations will come in quicker. This is pretty much entirely a blank slate, so what I'm pretty much saying is …
  • Due to the new event, I went ahead and started leveling a main on Reboot. A Kinesis named PureAnime. Pure, 100% concentrated, Anime. ...so you might see me around every now and again.
  • I can confirm this, client closed and will not start back up. Alongside this, forum states there is a maintenance, but it links to a 2016 maint page for me. Is something going on? Information is always helpful.
  • Helpful input right there. From all of this, I made the following decisions: Phantom shall be used for his link skill, which is crit rate or something if I remember right. Its a cool sounding class, but I was never a fan of how buffs work in …
  • AKradian wrote: » Did you try watching gameplay videos of any of them? Although, in my opinion, you're going to have to play them all, eventually. Maple has this thing called "link skills" and "character cards", where characters give a boost…
  • Plenty of helpful info in that post, I think I'll stay in reboot for now. Started leveling a Cygnus Knight, the archer type. Not to main or for a link skill, but because after I started leveling it I saw it had that neat little passive from level…
  • After 1000 years I'm free!!! ...to ask questions and learn about the game I have not touched in literally years.
    in @Forum mods Comment by Nilrem May 2017