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  • ARK Event Arcane Symbol Selector Coupons

    After giving the patch notes a few looks over, it has come to the attention of many Reboot players that sources of Event Arcane Symbol Selectors are being severely limited in the Reboot world.

    The first source is from the ARK Event Coin shop. In previous event shops, since symbols in these shops were introduced, both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds were able to purchase 20 of a particular arcane symbol per week. We've also had 2 Rainbow Spectrum events, 1 Sunny Sunday, and a couple of the ARK pre-events where both types of worlds received Arcane Symbol Selectors. For whatever reason, this seems to have changed with the ARK event. Listed in the patch notes one can find:

    Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon: Costs 50 Ark Coins. Available in non-Reboot worlds only.

    Unless this is a typo or oversight, this is a rather inexplicable method of gating progression on the Reboot world.

    The second source is from the Maple Relay event. This is a reskinned Play V/TakeOver/Super Nova event with for the most part the same tiered rewards as usual. However, for the Tier 2 cumulative achievement box there is a stark difference in rewards:

    Open 40 Daily Maple Relay Rewards Boxes: Maple Relay Rewards Tier 2 Box. Open to receive:

    Non-Reboot worlds: Lil Dark Angel Wings, Arcane Symbol Selector Coupon (x15)
    Reboot world: Mysterious Meso Pouch (x30)

    Reboot usually receives the 30 Mysterious Meso Pouches in place of 5 Golden Apples and the Lil Dark Angel Wings, however, Arcane Symbol Selectors aren't a class of item that is exclusive to non-Reboot worlds. There is no reason as to why the Reboot reward shouldn't either be replaced with or include the same amount of Arcane Symbol Selectors. This could be a matter of just copy-pasting older rewards and not recognizing the fact that Symbol Selectors are available in Reboot, however, if it is intentional there ought to be some sort of explanation given.

    Don't take our Arcane Symbol Selectors away, please and thanks. (Losing 175 total symbols is a lot)
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  • What's going on???

    Neospector wrote: »
    Catooolooo wrote: »
    did you also censor the name? this forum has strict "No naming and shaming" rules which may be why it was removed, even if it's just bots and not real players.

    it may be a dictatorship, but it's nexon's forums aand nexon's rules.

    good luck not getting banned in-game for no reason.

    Security Tip: Please do not stand around in towns or maps in game, as the auto ban system is rigged to ban anyone minding their own business, so try not to get banned. Nexon America can't use real patrolling GMs to take care of hackers.

    What you're doing is spreading FUD. I don't care how upset you are that you got banned, don't break the rules further.

    The fundamental problem here is that there are players who aren’t lying about being banned for no actual breach of ToU/CoC. Continuing to insinuate it’s a non-issue isn’t exactly a healthy way to deal with the situation as well.

    I also cringe at the fact that I have to type this disclaimer out, but this isn’t a personal attack, it’s a commentary on behavior: choosing to double/triple/[n]le down on the statement that ‘the bans that were made are justified’ is dishonest behavior when in the same breath it’s stated that those who were unjustly banned should seek help through support. It’s even more so dishonest when support is unable to adequately take care of every case.

    I’m sorry to everyone else who is still currently falsely banned as I can’t vouch for everyone; but when 2 of Reboot’s most reputable and dedicated endgame players say that they’ve been wronged, something is probably up. But what’s the point when appeals to logic and facts don’t seem to matter because Nexon’s policy has been to deny deny deny until it’s time to admit fault?

    There’s nothing right about a system that can permanently ban players on their “first offense” when no offense has even or ever been committed. There’s nothing right about the way Nexon has historically chosen to respond to false ban situations. In 2017 there were at least 2 isolated cases that had to result in a senior GM looking into a case that gained acute public exposure and it was found that those players were indeed innocent when support insisted otherwise. One of the larger situations, the kanna bans, was handled inadequately as the strategy to deny deny deny was employed. The Nova bans are still an ongoing issue 5+ weeks later and denial still seems to be par for the course.

    I shouldn’t need to mention this, but there’s nothing right about me being able to spend my own money on NX and later the same day get banned without explanation or ability to be helped by support just because NGS flagged something incorrectly. It’s not right that some people who admit to having broken ToU/CoC are given their accounts back after actually being properly caught. Worst of all, specifically on the Reboot server, is the fact that such a thing as a “famous hacker” is allowed to exist. There are more than a few still on rankings and continually playing but we don’t talk about that because autoban works.

  • On (Pre-)Nova Bans, Policy, and Treatment of Users

    When Nexon decides it’s worth actually addressing the community other than the half baked statement they gave in the December memo
  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    sirius wrote: »
    I went as far as making a clean account on my computer to try and play Maplestory (so that it wouldn't have access to AutoHotKey) and I still got perma banned for """""hacking""""", despite not using any 3rd party software even remotely related to Maplestory. I made a new character and I barely got it to level 2 before I was permabanned for something that seems to be beyond my control. Unless Maplestory thinks my WinampMediaKeys program is hacking software, I'm at a complete loss as to what I was banned for. Because after being dced the first time for using AHK, I shut that down

    I tried playing on a fresh account on both of my laptops and didn’t trip autoban again. No hacking/botting software, no autohotkey, before or after. I still don’t get why I was banned in the first place. Nexon won’t say anything, support isn’t capable of helping me, so I’m just out of luck until some miracle happens or someone actually does their job.
  • On (Pre-)Nova Bans, Policy, and Treatment of Users

    32 days and counting, maybe there’ll be a miracle in the new year and this’ll actually be treated like something that exists