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  • Proprietary Rights...?

    Thanks guys for your support. We have been contacted and hopefully they'll be able to provide a resolution. While he's not getting his hopes up, I certainly wish that Nexon's investigation team will put in the effort to find the source of the issue.
  • Proprietary Rights...?

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    I wish I could help. I honestly have applied for positions at Nexon before. It's strange how they expect a TON of customer service experience, experience with bot catching programs, etc...but from what I see...That strategy has not been working. Look at how many bots there are in the game. Look at how players get treated. Gosh I wish Nexon would put some real one on one people around this game...people who KNOW the game and actually want to HELP the game. -minor side rant over- I really feel for your friend. If I had the magical power of a GM...Id probably unban him...or plead his case to GM superiors. God, it's stuff like this that make me wish I could work minimum wage from home...and go around trying to help people on the game. Even at the expense of all my playing time...just to show people that...there's actually someone out there trying to help them. I would think thats the point of being a Game Master, right? To try and keep the game in good shape? To help people? While I may not have the 6+ years in customer service...I do want to HELP people. I WANT to see this game succeed and be on top again...

    That is Nexon's problem. It is clear they do not want to employ competent employees, but robots who has no prior knowledge of the game. When kthxbainao was CM, he listened to the community, fought for the community - in the end, Nexon deems him to be too involved and got the boot. Never have I been this disappointed with a company which I have had hopes on.
  • Proprietary Rights...?

    Lilyflower wrote: »
    so srry for a friend of yours :/ nexon america is terrible they unban hackers and botters its been years and nothing has changed and for players that spend money or work hard for it, *dont spend money on this game*.

    ikr. I'm quitting for good. They've just lost two of their most valuable customers who spends just to maintain MVP diamond status and heavy-marvel spenders.
    Petalmagic wrote: »
    Well...these are some of the reasons I won't buy RNG boxes...but there are so many more why I don't wanna spend my money on this game...If Nexon doesn't change their crap around...this game will die. Simple enough. I will move on to another game...and Maple will only exist in my memories.

    It's tempting for us, especially those in reboot who wants the nx look. We've no option to trade with players who doubled or tripled the items they do not want. Sigh. We don't mind supporting the company as we've found enjoyment and made good friends. But not anymore, Nexon truly disappoints and here we are, bidding farewell to it.
    Icewave21 wrote: »
    I know it's not the same deal but I also lost an old account due to support.

    The reason they banned my old account was because of "Account Theft". Yeah, my account was compromised and I asked them to recover my account, but in response to getting my account back they also permanently banned it. I'm not even sure what "Account Theft" is... I asked them and they closed the ticket. I would send another ticket but they would probably use an automatic reply.

    I feel really disgusted and angered just thinking about it. They don't care.

    Oh no! Another example of their incompetency. One day, the players will all be fed up and the game will be left to rot. Till then, they'll just continue being ignorant.
    Catooolooo wrote: »
    I'm guessing your friend may have had a name that was close to a hacker or botter and got mistaken twice, which is pretty stupid. All I can say is maybe if you raise enough interest, an actual person may look into it or our CM can have someone look into it.

    Maybe, who knows? They could not even justify the reason behind their actions, anyone who had the misfortune of taking up a banned player's ign would certainly rage. He tried reaching out to the Maplestory community on discord including the CM personally, but no luck. Like I said, the players have no way to reach out to a real person or a real GM without getting a standardised copy-pasted reply. Every single conversation with the customer support feels like we've been redirected to an answering machine. :c

  • Proprietary Rights...?

    A month ago, a close friend of mine got banned while AFKING in a town for no apparent reason. After talking to live chat, they could not solve his problem and declined to specify what has happened to his account. Unsatisfied, he sent in a ticket. Moments later, his account was released and Nexon declined to comment what has actually happened to his account and sent a standardised reply. Thinking it was a system glitch, he let it slide.

    Surprise boxes, re:zero events etc. were tempting. He spent somewhere along $1,000 - $1,500 to get the stuff he wanted from the boxes. RNG could not have been worse. In the meantime, it earned him MVP diamond. Not too bad as he's able to get some perks, he thought.

    A few days later, he went back to the SAME character he was banned which was just a low level mule - to try to get some pensalirs so he can have better raid power in legion. And -bam- disconnected from server.

    You guessed it. He was banned, again. He sent in a ticket, no reply for hours. Stayed up till 3AM to wait for live chat to come online and when he described what happened, live chat just responded with the same standardised reply. Feeling dejected, he went to bed and barely had any sleep. The next morning, his ticket was marked closed as Nexon, as expected, replied with the exact copy of the first ticket response except, he changed one sentence to: we have decided not to release your account because this was a repeated offence.

    Repeated offence?

    Unsatisfied, he pressed on. Same answers. Finally, a GM responded with: "We are unable to disclose any information to why your account was compromised due to proprietary rights." and ended the ticket stating he will be barred from all access to customer support if he asks more questions.

    Needless to say, he uninstalled the game and was very very depressed. His wallet and bank account was not too happy as well.

    Having spent a fair bit myself on this game (also MVP diamond), I feel the anger and rage towards the incompetency of the company, staff and game. If it was me, I could have spent that money on a holiday or buying a brand new phone!

    Countless hackers occupying maps, getting to max level, being the first to kill the hardest boss in the game, reaching ungodly times in Dojo (pre-legion), reaching impossibly high floors in Dojo (post-legion) and even advertised on world megaphone how proud they are to still be free and undetected.

    Maintenance after maintenance, channel & map crashes after crashes. Server instability. Has the game really been out for 10 years? It seems to be worse than a beta game and is deteriorating.

    Player base shrunk & still shrinking, world mergers & even server mergers (EU & NA, really?), FM bots spamming S> mesos & accounts, Bots spamming S> mesos IN REBOOT (they have no clue do they).

    Sure, they sort of made the game (a little) more popular as Reboot launched. Benefits of reboot in cash shop reward points = nil. Stacked up 100,000 reward points at one time not knowing what to do with it, just letting it expire and waste away. More players selling reboot services for irl money.

    Players after players in reddit posting the same thing: Banned for no reason, unable to appeal.

    I don't think I'll be maintaining my MVP status anymore knowing it will be taken away from me if something glitches/ bugs and no one's going to help you.

    I'm slowly inching away from this cancerous game which does nothing for its players. I don't think I want to be playing a game where GMs are unreachable, unable to speak as per normal person and answers as good as an answering machine. Might as well make an FAQ and all the answers be "We understand your frustration on [insert the issue you are currently facing] and we are trying our best to solve it."

    As my friend pleads and reaches out to Nexon to look into his case and all Nexon does is to laugh at him & threatens to revoke his access to customer support, my heart bleeds. Not so much for the sentiment of the game, but for the amount of money and time invested in it.

    For all you know, that poor lad could be in depression and having suicidal thoughts. I know I would if I were to be in his shoes.

    I'm drawing a line.
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes


    What is the point of removing the BEST THING in the boxes when you're supposed to remove the NX option, and lower the meso price for the box??????????



    Good job, community manager. Good job. /ragequit