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  • Please make the lab sever a yearly event

    the lab server event gave legion pieces that give a combined 60+ attack. this event needs to come back, it wouldn't be fair for the players that missed it if it doesn't.
  • Thank you Nexon

    Zolato wrote: »
    If the trade off to spawn increase is meso+drop rate and exp increase, then there shouldn't be an issue. I think instead of focusing on the Kanna revamp, Nexon should focus on high exp and meso yield party play zones. Some of the best time I've had leveling was when Lionheart Castle was still a party play zone. Hanging out with a bunch of people during 2x is MUCH more fun than soloing a map for 4 hours.

    please make new high hp mob party play zones nexon.
  • Add new badges and totems to reboot

    I hear that the sengoku badge isn't coming back. this is totally unfair to new players or to players playing a new character. many players already have the sengoku badge on the character that they are playing so why remove it now? the badge should either be completely removed from the game and from all players or it should continue to come back so that players without it have a fair shot to become just as strong as players who already have it.
  • allow all secondaries to be star forced/scrolled

    Jobs with a weapon or shield as a secondary currently have a major advantage that only got bigger with the addition of 25 stars. All secondaries in the game should be able to be scrolled/star forced for balance purposes.
  • Lack of balance between classes

    I recently started playing my marksman again and noticed that it loses up to 70% final damage for being to close to an enemy. Hero on the otherhand has nearly 140% final damage and can attack without penalty. Marksman and bowmaster also have buffs that for some reason have negative effects.(reduces def/avoidability). I don't think there is another class in the game that has a buff that actually also hurts the class.(at least not explorer jobs) I am not saying that classes like hero or dark knight should be nerfed but I am saying that classes like marksman should be reworked. There are several other examples of balance issues with the game currently and I am sure by now the devs can see what's wrong. Also it seems that some classes scale way better than others(especially in reboot) The damage bonus given to reboot players should be changed to final damage, I do not get how the devs thought it was ok to give total damage to every single job when it has diminishing returns.