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March 18, 1993
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Gotta keep working to get to your goals
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Im just a gamer.. I Play on the Reboot Server and I like to socialize and make funny jokes
  • AND here we go again

    Great more time waisted
  • Umm Zero on reboot charater create.

    ClawStaff wrote: »
    Why is Zero even blocked on Reboot anyway, Reboot's been out long enough for everyone to have multiple level 100s, so the level isn't unfair, they've been nerfed enough so they're not broken anymore, what's the big deal?

    It nexon being nexon
  • "An Illegal program has been detected" Root Abyss

    Well I was doing my RA dailys on my main and after I open the Box, I get the message Saying illegal programing dectected and then I get Disconnected back to World Select.
    Anyone have this problem and if so need a fix asap cause this is kinda broken atm.

    Ign: ShadowTheifs
    Job: Blade Master
    World: Reboot
    Channel where it happened: Channel 7

    Need a confirmation on this bug.

  • Attempting to gear in Reboot

    Heres Some tips I did during my time in reboot

    -Grind at bosses, depending on your range, You could get Cash, and gear that would help you.
    -There is also chance to get japan gear pieces, which are craftable at lvl 10 smithing and 10 Accessory Crafting, So Try to get at least lvl 6 Alchemy to fully disassemble for Superior crystals for like 130/140 gear which you may also have a chance to get Philosopher stones which is 300k a piece
    -Try joining a guild which does carry.. if you contribute they may Carry you to CRA to get the CRA gear, Alternitive try checking out Twitch's maplestory page. They may have Streamers who would carry you but it usually first come first serve. Guildies may carry you to like madman ranamaru, CHT, Gollux or PB, just try to join a guild that does that stuff.
    -Events is your Friends.. no Seriously try to get like the rewards that come with it. Cause you will may get somthing that is worth your while.
  • Mesos Guide 2016

    You could like get to Level 6 Alchemy and just grind for 140/130 Equip Drops and dissamble them for Philosopher stones which is 300k each and also 140 gear i see you get like 4 max depending on your luck.