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  • Drop rate formula

    I am amazed NEXON does not place relevant ads as their games start up. They could make profit without irritating players, well, unless they are too long. Short ads best ads. :D
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    This is my best Gaming achievement in general. Use this link, https://youtube.com/channel/UC0UFmyUny_Rrk6knwqMUOjg, and go to Episode 2: Pink Bean Pensalir Solo.
    *Note: this is my first solo with a boss over lvl 140.*
  • Why im quitting Maplestory after 8 years

    I understand your frustration. I have only played 1/4 the amount of time you have but in that time, I developed a set of tricks/experiences for avoiding many errors/inconveniences that you brought up:

    1.) Use items from events within ~1/7 of the time they expire.
    -I had some similar concerns, once I got the 10 pack of Epic pot. scrolls and Craftsman's Cubs, I used them immediately, same day I got them. It was a pain in the butt, but it worked.
    2.) Do not pay to play.
    - Anything can happen online. Even the closing of a game. Why pay into something that has no physical gains and can, eventually, be lost by either hackers or by the game being closed. I never understood that. I found Maple more fun by blunt forcing stuff.
    3.) Player Community kindness is STRONG!
    -Not ALWAYS true, but many cases true, players are sometimes able and willing to help you, especially when they get to know you. I left the CoD community for the Dark Souls, Minecraft, and, of course Maple Story Communities because the player community is not only much less toxic, it is usually supportive. I have found much fewer jerk players in Maple than any other game. Heck, ask me for help if you want. I do not mind giving you, like a cube or two personally.
    4.) Customer Service can help, depending.
    It is a hard job. They need to deal with so many of us. Have they substantially helped me personally? No. But I know why too. I also know that they did what they could and, more often than not, I got useful information back. I will admit though, depending on your personalized skill set, this may not be too helpful. Just think of the questions you can get strong results from if your main issue cannot be resolved, like me losing a Fafnir weapon at lvl 200+...
    5.) Always more chances to get what you lost.
    From what a long time friend of mine told me, who played this game for 10+ years, Maple is getting progressively easier to deal with. I know item wise, this is true.

    Look me up if your in Zenith. I would love to have a Hayato help me in boss fights as a Guest Star on my friends You Tube channel. :)

    Oh 1 more useful to you:

    6.) Craftsman's cubes can be MINED?!?

    Look up Episode 8 on my friends channel in the Journey from lvl 205 to Lvl 250 in Pensalir Gear playlist. If I remember correctly, as long as you can mine, you can gain cubes faster.
  • If you had a custom avatar, what would it be?

    Kirito from SAO. XD ( Created my Maple Story Dual Blade because of Kirito's boss battles and I made You Tube videos of said character.)