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  • Skin color slots

    Could we please get a feature to save multiple skin colors as they have in Korea? So it would be like for hairs and eyes slots we already have in GMS.
  • False bans back again?

  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    In response to the proposed changes set forward by Anna in the recent maple memo, here are some thoughts on the issue as a Reboot player.
    While we appreciate the transparency and forewarning for these changes, many players immediate reaction is worry that this is yet another attempt to discourage reboot players from acquiring mesos and training at reasonable rates compared to before. I specify reboot in particular because non-reboot servers have access to Frenzy totem, which notably was not adjusted in this balancing change. While we understand the effort is to reduce the gap in hunting efficiency over time with those who have and don't have kishin, this change does not solve the fundamental issue, as people with access to a friend or 2nd computer to kishin themselves are still at an enormous advantage compared to those without. However, that does not mean we should punish people with access to kishin, and should instead try to make the effect as accessible as possible for players to utilize.

    Players have adapted and feel that the current kishin spawn rate is good and greatly improves the flow of gameplay. Waiting for monsters to respawn on the map is dull, and isn't enjoyable for anyone. For this reason the 'kishin' effect should be made more accessible. The proposed 10% off change to fury (now wild ) totems is a step in the right direction, but it is simply not enough. If the developers feel that Kanna is too over-centralizing, fury totems need to be unlimited and cost efficient to use, to incentivize their use over kishin. I say unlimited because 15 a month is simply not enough for serious players to play as much as they want to with the better spawn rates. In addition, while the aforementioned 10% off change is appreciated, it doesn't go far enough to solve the issue. I would propose the new totem costs 250 reward points, as even 1800 is still too expensive for most players. At 250 reward points, it is cheap enough for players to get at all progression levels, and would encourage people to boss more and party up to take on more bosses for more reward points.

    I again emphasize that the 10% reduction in spawn has the right idea but is ultimately a purely detrimental change, as the kishin effect is still strong and needed in the game (and it should be kept, because it makes GMS unique!) People like how GMS differs itself from other regions with the increased spawn, and this change is a step in the wrong direction to what many feel is essential to GMS' identity. If however the 10% change is still deemed necessary despite all that I have negatives outlined, we would ask for one or several of the following as compensation:

    1) Increase the Reboot Meso Passive: The most simple change; this would ensure the spawn change does not have harmful effects in meso income.
    2) Decrease star force costs: GMS already has higher star force costs than other regions and this change would help make it so that the reduced meso income is less taxing on progression.
    3) Decrease cube costs in the cash shop: Same idea as the star force cost reduction.
    4) Increase amount of mesos obtained from Ursus / Maple Tour / Boss crystals: These alternative popular meso methods could be increased to compensate for the lost meso rates overall when training.
    5) Increase experience gained from mobs: Unrelated to meso, decreasing kishin harms the Experience rates as players clear maps, and so increased experience can server to counterbalance this nerf.

    Any of these changes would go a long way as reparations for this change, as it is detrimental to the quality of life and progression of the reboot server, which many maplers enjoy and have spent alot of time and money in. We want Maplestory to be the best it can be and feel that these changes are detrimental to progression and gameplay, and would like to see them re-examined with the response of the reboot community in mind.
    I don't like the fact you merged my suggestion. I have different ideas from you and people commenting here. Also, I had a poll. Please leave my suggestion the way it was.

    It gives my suggestion less impact.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes


    Please completely remove the spawn rate increase from Kanna's Kishing skill.

    Make Arcana and above maps spawn rate INCREASE, instead.

    - Making another account to level up to 225 a Kanna to Kish yourself with 2 PC is ridiculous.
    - Farming 15* gears, 2 lines % gears, and 100% mesos gears on a Kanna in your account. Doing all Arcana pre-quests and dailies again. Ridiculous.
    - Training/farming mesos only when you have enough RP for totems. Ridiculous.

    When I farm at CLP on my main (100% drop gears) without a Kanna. I barely make 100m an hour. That's one 17*->18* try. One try per hour of farming.

    Now with the June 10th notice. You inform us that you're making changes to Kanna and totem. Only, it's not the change we want/expected!

    The current game design is ridiculous. Make us able to farm in our main. Make Kanna a normal mage main.
  • IGN/Guild Name Wipes

    Especially the people holding IGNs on level 1 characters. Either a whole account with a level 1 character (to sell the whole account) or an account with many of them to sell IGNs one by one.