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  • What maplers want !

    Lol I thought I was posting in feed back section.

    However Nexon could introduce a system letting you buy something in Cash Shop to save a face or hair and give it to another characters, so this way, they are still making money (kind of scisor of karma).
  • What maplers want !

    MapleStory is fun because you can train, get stronger, etc. Ok, that's the base of this type of game. Also it's fun because you can socialise, so get in a guild, alliance, add friends. OK that too ! The other cool point of Maple now. What is it ? THE PERSONALITATION OF YOUR CHARACTER ! So the hairs, the eyes, the name, the cloths and all, and all...

    The thing is. Through months, maplers like to change the class they play to, so we come to the point where we have many hairs, many faces, MANY NX in all our char... but then happens the day where we do not want to play some characters anymore. So there are my suggestions :

    1 - From what already existe
    - Bring Name Change event back
    - Bring NX transfer event back

    2 - New
    - Event where you can transfer your hairs and faces (or some of them) through your characters in the same world
    - Allow to add more than 100 people in buddy liste

    Of course, I know not letting people tranfer their NX stuffs, hairs and eyes could allow Nexon to make money. Nexon probly hope on people to buy new stuffs. Only, there is some stuffs you cannot get anymore or are really unespected to come back. Also, it's not like people will buy what they already have in their other characters because of the feel you already have it and feel bad dropping more money on something... you already have.

    Well, I hope my suggestions will be considered !

    Thx for reading me

    Yacy ;)

    P.S.: Sry for my english, I speak french.