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  • The past 5 months have been nothing but letdowns

    You wouldn't know what player feedback was if it drove a car into your front lobby.

    nice one
  • Once the pandemic is over

    See, Korea has a test server that works, while our test was a complete disaster and accomplished absolutely nothing. Their base spawn is much higher than ours to accommodate for no kishin. Everything there seems to run a lot more smooth than our current GMS hellhole.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    I appreciate the Maple Memo but jesus christ why are you nerfing our kishin/fury rates. Reboot players lose out on 20% of their EXP and meso gain. This is pretty unfair and bad change by Nexon. New players that are trying to progress also have a harder time catching up to veterans now and this change benefits nobody.
  • The Reputation of Nexon

    With every new update, Nexon finds a way to mess up. After every update, players expect a stream of unscheduled maintenances and poor changes. The community outrage every update shows there is something wrong. It feels like Nexon doesn't even understand the basics of their own game. The entire community expects Nexon to mess up on something that affects the core gameplay. In addition to the lack of fair changes, Nexon seems to not listen to the community's main concerns and instead work their way around complaints. This kinda sucks, and it hurts as a long-time player to see Nexon constantly crap on their own game. With each new update and maple memo, Nexon screws us over and over again.
  • Thank you nexon for the compensation

    darik wrote: »
    There has been a lot of negativity regarding the latest patches, bugs and such, but id like to appreciate the nice compensation that we got today.
    So thank you nexon, i really think is a step in the right direction to give compensation when the company makes mistakes and apologicing for it.
    A mapler. =)

    compensation box for broken game, 4 maintenances since the update, busted Gollux, and constant problems. This literally happens almost for every update, it's not a step in the right direction, its a way to keep you playing