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    How many weeks has it been?

    I would of thought the stability of the game is #1 most important thing when it comes to MMO's but this is stupid and ridiculous.
    The only time the servers were stable was before Luna even came back up.
  • Misleading events



    Tell me this ain't misleading and that i was the only person who thought the 2nd random choice rewards were also guaranteed.
    and now its changed to a CHANCE of getting one of the following instead of getting one of the following.

    Someone's probably going to come at me and say something like "you shouldn't have expected such a good event knowing nexon" and you right, im stupid af.

    To Nexon: there is a huge difference when you don't add the word CHANCE on main patch notes and you freaking add it later on within the damn patch.

    Edit: going to add this in too: https://i.imgur.com/BX4mosa.png

    This and the 2nd update we just got today are 2 completely different statements.

    in the screenshot above, to me, i understand that a ton of items were listed and it says " bunch of other prizes you have a random chance to get." meaning I would get ONE of the following items listed at RANDOM, thats what i thought it meant but the 2nd update made it more clear to me, i wont even be getting 1 but i'd be getting a CHANCE to get another gift excluding the guaranteed gift.
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    Interesting how theyre making a bigger thing out of the name cooldown than the non kms map meso nerf. badgering and badgering when it's been said there's no excuse for it really makes the player base look bad as well.

    the meso nerf for those maps affect mostly Reboot players, im not really trying to be bias but this IGN update is probably a more bigger topic because In-game names are the START of your gaming experience and like most people have said here, we read about future kms updates thanks to max of oblog we saw cadena then we even saw a 2nd class. This also has a big effect on reboot players as well.

    everyone in this game is at that overage, we're not 12 years old anymore, people probably dont want to remake
    their ign into something childish such as OMGitzMaxy, after the name wipe, thousands of names were released, not only english words but other language words as well a lot of people like anime and people save anime related igns or even igns such as their own made up name like Riosuke but that doesnt mean he/she is the only person thinking about saving the ign Riosuke, there are thousands of players in GMS and lots of people have similar minds, ill tell you honestly that there was 1 time that i wanted to make up a name to make myself sound cool and it was actually TAKEN which surprised me and i even searched in ranks and it was an actual up to date character. There is nothing wrong with saving your future characters name and this cool down just killed 3 of the events so far, Cadena, illium and Free ign name change coupons.

    Plus if u already had a name played for your class, how discouraging does it feel that you cant actually play with the name you saved?
    This isn't really punishing Real Money Traders but more so punishing your gaming community.
    Also would like to mention that there are some players out there who probably make mules like I do with igns like Racus01, Racus02, etc.
    and when new classes come out, Racus41 and Racus42 cannot be made, which really kills your whole account because you had all your mules set up as the same name, and who's to say a troll wont try to take Racus41 and so forth?

    for all those people waiting 24 hours on their igns when deleting them, here's an update about the cool down:
    When you delete your ign, you need to wait 24 hours for it to be deleted off your account systematically then another set of time, from what i have heard: it can take from a week to 30 days for the ign to be available again.. LOL (this is also based on one KMS player who waited over 30 days and STILL did not get his ign he had saved)
    Some of us probably won't even see our ign that we deleted, because the ign botters will snipe our IGN.

    This here is also a problem, lets say a handful of us saved unique igns from the wipe such as the ign "Proper" or maybe even "Digimon", now those are very great igns like "Rain" but they're still well known, even if someone were to use Riosuke, these are unique 1 worded igns and tbh there are a lot of no lifers who want to make people angry and suffer, who's to say they won't try to do some king of ign botting and steal Riosuke within the 30days? Bots don't need to sleep but we do and because its so randomized, we'll never know if our igns were stolen or still available
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    iBear wrote: »
    I didn't know about this... I thought some hacker stole it but when I deleted another ign that I wont be using it wasn't working either so I felt relieved a bit...
    Thanks for the post! Now I know I have to wait 24 hrs to use the ign I deleted.

    I got a few questions though, if I want to rename my existing char with a ign I already saved, does that mean I have to wait 24hrs to change my ign? And the existing char ign will be on cool down too when changed or instantly available? Is it safer to level up IGN chars to over 30 so we have a deletion confirmation after the 24hrs and then we can use the ign right away?

    So many questions... I swear they should remove it for the better of the community =X

    Update! I searched the period of cool down time on Naver to see how long it is for KMS & replies to the post was that it is minimum 24 hrs + @ which the @ can be max to a week or 1 hr if you are lucky. (Post was from 8th Nov 2017).

    So...... can NA servers please get rid of this system? =X
    Sumi wrote: »
    Where did you guys find oit about this cause im not seeing it or just reading passed it. Even tho im happy i found this topic thought i lost 2 of my char names...

    This little feature wasn’t announced but apparently was apart of kms’s patch. This is our “Happy new class” surprise we got. As far as I’ve heard, igns take up to 24 hours to be deleted, and (people say it’s a glitch) it takes up to 30 days to reclaim LOOL. I mean 24 hour cd ok (not really okay) but up to 30 days is a joke. Happy Cadena Release day everyone!!!

    Now everyone’s gonna have to sit their butts down on their computer for who knows how long, when making a new character trying out every single ign they can. Really wth was the point in the ign wipe event.. all my igns for future classes are ruined.

    Not everyone snatched igns to sell for real cash, some of us enjoy making new classes with really good igns. I swear every time nexon comes up with a way to punish hackers and exploiters, the legitimate players have to suffer even more -_-
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    for the love of your game, please freaking take this feature off, its just so frustrating to make a new character now, we basically just have to think of an ign on the spot and it just never works out. Especially to a lot of us who had igns stored for future classes (we all know new classes come at least once a year or so) Pretty sure GMS doesnt have to follow ALL of KMS's updates and i know there are many of you who have some stored igns you want to use. This is definitely not a good way to counter money traders as to this is just going to make other players more angry and frustrated, maybe even quit. Honestly i just want to be able to use my damn ign without having to sit on my computer for 24+ hours thinking "is it time yet?"

    For people who want to know the cooldown on the ign timer, it takes 24 hours to be completely erased in the systtem, then another randomized amount of time, which can be from 1 week to 30 days. YES 30 DAYS, 1 whole MONTH.

    Edit: I meant to spell useless but i guess i was just so angry it came out as usless.
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