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September 1, 1901
  • Shocking....maintenace extended

    Tuba wrote: »
    AlexF wrote: »
    They finished like 2 hours early when they did a patch last week...
    These things happen, and they've not been extending as of late.

    Rather they extend to finish patching w.e they need then need to take the game down later.

    It's people like you that let them get away with this kind of crap lol. The problem is that they constantly extend their maintenance's for hours on end, and yes you're right these things happen, but these maintenance's should absolutely not be extended as frequently as they are. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of unscheduled maintenance's that happen that also get extended for hours. I'm pretty sure that this isn't game isn't run by a bunch of clueless, preteen kids, so why should customers put up with this nonsense.

    I can respect your opinion, but I work in back end software development and when you have a source project as big as maplestory's back end server, it can get really tricky, even with a team of 20 people (or especially) it's easy to make the simplest mistake, like checking if your level is >= 200 for arcane river, or accidentally missing the = and saying >200 for arcane river making only level 201 or higher able to do it. It's a shame that it's like that, but have some heart for the people who sit behind a desk 9 to 5 every day trying to make a game we all take for granted work perfectly. No code is perfect, no matter how clean, or how functional, and that is simply because no human is perfect. and if you think to yourself "hey they should have someone check that every time, duh!" well, they do, and I'll tell you that some classes can be thousands of lines long, it's like spell/grammar checking a entire book -- except a book has a clear front to back system whereas code is complexly interwoven, it's easy to miss a bug and frankly they've been working off the same code for over a decade, it is likely unimaginably huge, so searching it all is very time consuming and difficult.

    Long story short: Nexon is just a group of human beings under the same flag, and the ones you see are rarely if ever the ones who actually put the code into the game.

    This is all obviously excluding the giant realm of hardware failure, system updates, and more things that are simply out of their control.

    I hope that gives you some perspective on it all :)
  • Volatile, Vulgar, Crass.

    I know! You guys are pissed about hackers, santa boxes, V-Coins, lag, down time, ETC. But the state of this forum is really depressing, is makes people like me have a lot less fun participating in the community - yeah, I can be weird, but I never down right spew bile. - Think of Nexon Employees as your Teacher - they may stink at their job, they may just sit there and hand out homework, and they may hand back exams months late (or they may be great) - but they are still your teacher, and they have earned your respect simply by rank/title.

    I understand how hard and annoying it is for all this stuff to happen at once - but they are just as mad! All the down time, all the issues, it's not their fault, and they are trying to fix it. Do you think that the forum GM's like @Neospector @KThxBaiNao and @OneLetter made the final decision on all the things your mad at? Maybe? but probably not! They are the ones taking the brunt of this and trying their best to keep things civil, and they have not really done anything wrong.

    I really am mad about these things too! But I might make one or two posts on a thread about it, not go through the entire forum searching for threads to rant and rave about it! I am cool with a mega thread or something, but just opening the forum and seeing all that makes it a bummer to participate!

    Look, Nexon may not be the best, but they've brought is years of fun, and even if you've quit, you still used to like it, and they still try!

    Maplestory is a great game, but it is JUST a game, Sure, we've all spent a months rent on this game once or twice, but it's not the end of the world if a few boxes get limited. IT STINKS, but it is no excuse for all this hate.

    I really think that it's great to voice your opinion, but they know about all you've said already, and making a post on 4 different threads of the same topic and repeating the same thing is just no fun..

    I really feel your pain, and as a hard core mapler I am bummed with you - but that does not change the situation.

    I saw a post saying "Christmas should be a time of joy and nexon is messing that up!" or something like that, but like, is that not what we're doing too? We are kinda making a innocent game's forums volatile, which kinda ruins the happiness of the game, does it not?

    Just spread a little love now and then ok?

    With love, Daleth.