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  • [Contest] Design a MS Discord Background - Winners

    @Renni, I see it now thanks. My eyes tricked me and I thought the dots and background were the scatter brush. It looked like he used the brush in the exact same direction and location as I did.

    "Not to be rude or anything (dkm), but I think you are overreacting (big time) and I think you should sit this one out. Consider it a self-disqualification by way of incredibly out-of-place assumption and inflated self-ego"

    Listen to how you come off as accusing me of overreacting then you start to show your little pompous personality and literally assume that what you say goes and that I would actually disqualify myself and consider it as obeying your irrefutable authority and judgement.

    It is also because of ME that, the guy I was accusing is even QUALIFIED. His previous design broke a rule and I pointed it out, then he changed it.
    I would rather have a million enemies than bite my tongue and follow scum like you.
    Because calling people names like "ass" and "scum" is so deserving of respect and glorification. I'm reporting this conversation to the GM directly. You don't even know me. You don't know anything at all about me. Yet you have the audacity to call me names and act as though you've known me for the entire 12 years I've been a Nexon customer. Your submission and the one you called out are nothing alike. Not even remotely similar. ~ and you not only deserve to be disqualified; you deserve to be banned from both the game and this forum. You need a long vacation and I'm filing a report on the main site right now to make sure it's considered, because you're clearly over the top.

    TwizzzlersKeyan the EvanMmMmMystic
  • [Contest] Design a MS Discord Background - Winners

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Aestheticus ~ Not to be rude or anything, but I think you are overreacting (big time) and I think you should sit this one out. Consider it a self-disqualification by way of incredibly out-of-place assumption and inflated self-ego. ~ (( Check this out. ~ Tell me how many Maple Leaves you found. ))
    Only someone that spent hours on their design would understand. You are a hypocrite and stop trying to act like a moderator, kiddo.
    @Aestheticus ~ Nothing I said is mocking a moderator, nor am I being a hypocrite (define that word). ~ You're acting like a one year-old child who lost their bottle. ~ You can't seriously expect someone to honor you after behaving like this? ~ (It's not rocket science). :expressionless:

  • Let's Talk... Recent Events with Kanna

    In all of the years I've played this game, the one thing I was bothered by the most is how bans are dealt out. Although I've never been banned; the idea of being banned because I chose the wrong party to join in a PQ, or don't know the people I party with in real life (so I could possibly know what they're doing on their side of the screen), has forced me to avoid PQ and Forced-Party-Content (anything that requires more than myself) like the plague. I've put too much time and money into this game to risk losing it all in 2 minutes flat because someone in my "party" used a "hack"... ~ No thanks. ~ Forever Alone In MapleStory (the same applies on Mabi, but not quite as bad).

    ~ (I have a Kanna too, but it's been so long since I used it (when it came out), I forgot how).

  • [just curious] When did trade shop leave?

    You can see the official announcement on the Wayback Machine too, but, it only renders properly in Internet Explorer (not Edge, not Chrome). Those were some good times you're talking about (here and your other thread). ~ MTS - Pre-Big Bang ~ - All the billions of mesos I spent - and all the paychecks I gave to Nexon (omg-cries-lol). :smirk: