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  • Taking damage when talking to NPCs?

    It's a thing I've noticed regularly(and the reason why I get killed half the time).

    I clear the monsters near the NPC with a quest only to have more spawn while I'm in the conversation.

    Can we do something about this, please?

    Thank you!
  • I'm gay, but apparently I'm in love with Cassandra

    ...according to the end of the mushking empire PQ.

    It just left a bad taste in my mouth and I wondered if people felt the same way in my position.

    I dislike having my character have their own voice without having a choice on what to say for the most part. It really breaks immersion and kinda gets rid of the "Your story" tag line.

    (Plus, it doesn't help that you can't have same-gender marriage...)
  • Could we please add facial hair accessories to CS?

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    how does not having facial hair make you a loli?

    think you might be confusing loli and chibi, and also misunderstanding what chibi is.

    This suggestion does remind me that we did have a few events that involved beard and mustache equipment a couple years back.

    I'm commenting on how the majority of players make their avatars look like lolis and that's totally fine, but it's probably because it's all that's available to make.

    I would just like to have diversity like Outlander mentioned.
  • Could we please add facial hair accessories to CS?

    The Carlton Mustache Event was great. I've had some very interesting reactions to my Merc's outfit:

    On-topic: +1 to the suggestion. I support anything that gives us more diverse customization options.

    That is a beautiful beard, my friend
  • Could we please add facial hair accessories to CS?

    I was thinking this because there's so few of them compared to the amount of other face accessories and clothing. I thought it would be nice to add them to the cash shop since they rarely come in the style boxes (from what I seen) and there are players (including myself) who don't always want to have to be a loli and like to have fun by making our characters look like our real-life selves or old wizards.

    Also, what was most of the reactions from players when perm items were released, but at the cost of losing all those 90 day items from the cash shop?