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  • Simplify Worlds, Improve Population & Stability.

    Yeah, after the world leap event.. Windia is pretty empty. So now we should only have Reboot, Scania, Bera and a Brand-New-World.

    Being that new world a Merge of Windia with all the AllianceServers. Is better if they do that merge instead of "Alliance Servers", is not hard to apply rules like the biggest Storage Keeper of all the merged worlds will remain, CashShop will be fused, All characters into a single world & biggest characters slots will remain. Things like that.
  • Simplify Worlds, Improve Population & Stability.

    Yes. I clearly saying there are 3 things (actually 4) Nexon should do.
    1. Simplify the worlds merging instead of making World Alliances.
    2. Improve population making only 4-5 worlds.
    3. Improve the stability on the connection.
    (4. Improve client stability / compatibility too much problems, "not responding" "stopped working" on windows causing the client to crash)
  • Simplify Worlds, Improve Population & Stability.

    After the World Leap Event Nexon should look at each World and realize it makes no sense having all those worlds.

    Like many of others players I'd like to see a Simplified World Selection and More populated servers, so the obvious solution is merging some of the servers.
    Something like:

    Being that new world a merge of all the Server Alliance, many of us could agree that making those Alliances was a terrible idea, come on... having one world with multiple access is not just unnecesary but a terrible choice.

    Also as many of us dream to see the server and the CLIENT with a decent stability. Fixing not just the connection issues but the client is very important for a while the launcher/client has been a pain, not only having troubles to open the game taking years to load (I still can't understand why it's so slow) but also having tons of problems with the stability or perhaps Windows compatibility since the client is constantly crashing and showing the "program no responding" message from windows.
  • Everyone Let's all LEAP into BERA! make BERA HUGE!

    WetAndCold wrote: »
    the less people in other worlds, the less things cost in auction house. high supply, lower demand, i wont count fm cause the fm is beyond repair.

    That not how it works at all in Maple at least. Less people not only means low demand it also means low supply. Less people means less people doing Philo book and Marvel machines for things that matter like AEE no boom, Prime scrolls, Outlaw heart, nebs, etc. Low supply, Low demand is what low pop server leads to. Which is basically a dead market.

    More people more supply, some demand, because not everyone can afford certain things and if people are patient prices will be driven down to a certain degree.

    nope, but we will see soon enough.
    btw those are luxury items, theyll always be overpriced. im talking about common market items, like faf equips and even nodes. which are determined by how many people want or are looking for them.

    and how many people are selling them :)
  • Will you World Leap away from Windia/Scania?

    MisterPoo wrote: »
    Will you World Leap away from Windia/Scania? Personally, I plan on moving characters I made on both Windia and Scania over to Bera/Broa (whichever is higher population).

    Yes, to Bera.

    I am from Scania but a LOT of my friends, including my Guild (about 100 active people in total, more or less) are going to transfer to Bera.

    I've been in Scania for about 7 years now, but since Bera will definitely be a lot more active than Scania after this transfer event,
    I'd totally rather a vibrant world which including low prices in the FM (Bera), instead of a dead world with expensive prices, and less people (Scania).

    Also, since everyone (from all the worlds, especially Broa and Windia) are about to move to Bera, there will be a lot of collectables ;)

    Nice gamble