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  • Revert the Ursus time changes!

    Ever since you changed the Ursus times to 12-12 it's been incredibly difficult and frustrating to find a party, even on popular servers.
    I know you intended to widen the window of opportunity to make it available to more players, but this is not helping anyone.
    Either revert it back to the way it was, or simply scatter 1-2 hour windows throughout the day. Right now people have simply stopped doing Ursus altogether.
  • I'm stuck in a unknown world. [Send Help]

    Let me translate for you:


    I had the smartest idea of choosing a kanna as my main character.

    After I heard recent announcements of an upcoming even "ARK"(I think you mean the ark since that is the closest spelling to it) on the maple memo about Ksing (which I believe you mean kill stealing) "Changing/Removing Buffs". I feel like I can't continue anymore as a Kanna and/or I cannot choose another main until there is some clarification. My legion level is 2,000 at the moment. But, I am not that far into the game.

    Don't get the wrong idea! I enjoy my kanna as my main character. I'm even around level 200+, but the whole uncertainty of the class makes me uncertain about playing on my Kanna.

    I feel like it not worth spending any more progress on my kanna or any character until the maple memo shows up.

    Sorry for my bad English!

    End of Translation!

    I cringed, so hard. Worst part is you even replaced his grammatical mistakes with even worse grammar.
  • Epic Pot Scrolls [Reboot]

    Best method I know- channel surf Bye Bye Station. Meso farmers usually leave Elite Bosses there after they spawn.
    As for Yu Garden, just cc until the shop has them. Each channel is randomized.
    And finally, Ursus shop sells them as well.
  • Singapore.

    Dtx wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Not only this. So you're telling us we have to make and fund a new kanna. AND REPURCHASE PETS? How is that going to work. Most stupid decision nexon has ever made.

    You don't need to repurchase pets, since all your Kannas share cash shop storage.

    And this is all Nexon has to say to a dissapointed community?

    He is not a Nexon employee.
  • Question about removal of non-kms content

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Hi guys, we get the concerns and the precedent that is set with the removal of Singapore.
    However, currently our team hasn't made finalized plans on what is to be removed.

    As stated in the memo, we'll be sure to communicate any upcoming changes sooner to you all.

    With all due respect, I highly doubt this last minute announcement was an honest mistake. You guys knew the outlash that would follow and so decided to wait until it's too late for us to resist. This isn't the first time you've done this and I'm bet my kidney that it won't be the last.