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  • If you got the mic at the MapleStory Fest Q&A...

    There are currently only 42 slots per world but 43 classes/jobs and with Ark's release that number will increase to 44. Will we be allowed additional character slots when Ark is released?
  • Just say "No"

    AK712, we should you or any of the people who read the forums care where AKradian chooses to spend his/her time? By calling him (her?) "a complete jerk" and telling them their life is sad and lonely it is in fact you who is doing the name calling and personal attacks.
  • Can't finish 'Investigating the Package' quest

    Go back to Perion and click on NPC Blaire. It's a brown-haired girl in a pink dress; she stands right on top of the delivery truck on a platform above the yellow taxi. Click on her, NPC Huey's dialogue will then appear.
  • AKradian – Mod Application

    I disagree that having first hand experience of the issues is mandatory or even important really. My support of AKradian's application is based on observing his (her?) conduct on the forums. I know nothing about that person's game-related info. Based on their conduct on the forum I have a firm idea that they would be able to understand and represent my own concern even if they do not share them personally, and that they would be level-headed and fair in dealing with the community.
  • [Petition] for Nexon to make old IGNs available

    If you've been inactive for 3 years I think it's totally fine, and other games make this routine so /shrug

    This is not what the "petition" at the start of this thread is asking for.

    A while ago Nexon released igns, I think they went with 3 years of inactivity on the account.

    The suggestion at the start of this thread however is completely different. It makes no distinction between active and inactive accounts, only active and inactive characters within any account, with a stress on level 1 characters, and the time spans mentioned in that post and the one endorsed by the OP a little below it are months rather than years.