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  • He stalk us for 3+ months....

    I'll get straight to the point but this cannot continue.

    In Bera, there's an individual in Henesys that has been harassmenting over 30+ people, yes 30+ people, including me and my friends.
    He's using multiple accounts and computers I believe (also using hacks), in order to mass defame me and everyone else, stalking us and covering our characters with his huge chairs, spamm us in all chat and whispers, also says false accusations that we're all scammers and hackers.... there were already few people out there (real randoms) that asked me why I "scamm".....
    He follow us everywhere we go, even though we're offline mode, he still manage to find us...

    It's been over 3 months now, I've never imagined in my entire life that there could be someone out there that'd actually do all this for so long, it's as if he never sleeps and eat, it's really scary me a bit, but at the same time, it's also annoying cause whenever we log on he's there, we move somewhere else and he's there, he is just always there doing all these horrible things :(

    Nexon please do something about him, we've reported him like 100 times so far but nothing T.T
  • merging of paid servers

    Omg yes! merge all paid servers please! =]
    Merge all worlds into Bera!

    I'm tired being alone T.T
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    I mean, come on.... I just got scammed last night, supposed to buy a really nice Fafnir for 20b, so that kid from Bera, told me to go first and brought 2 vouchers, and they all were nice and seems pretty legit, so I decided to go first and paid him the first 10b, and when I went to the bank to grab the other 10b and came back, he disappeared along with his 2 vouchers (probably his friends, they all were in the same Guild called "Matcha") T_T

    I understand that 10b might not be a lot of mesos for a many people but for me, that's really a lot.

    So Nexon, I'm begging you, please raise the mesos cap from 10b to 100b.