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  • Unscheduled Maintenance Announcement - 5/30/2017

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Greetings, Maplers!

    To address an exploit reported in recent events, we will be having an unscheduled maintenance.
    We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 2 hours.

    Maintenance start time: 2:30 PM PDT / 9:30 PM UTC
    Duration: 2 Hours

    We'll see you guys once we're back!

    i hate you guys... i just got to b1 on jq at 5:25 est.....................
  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    One compensation it's not enough.... we are going to miss all events/hot week/2x exp/drop etc etc!!! They can give you 100 red cubes , if they don't fix it fast we don't have more time for complete events....
    Nah I want my Meister Profession, One Alchemy and One Smithing. And they should release a special type of 2x exp coupon that stack with 2x exp coupon on CS, buff and EXP pot + 1.5X booster.
    And i want they give me the V coins, NX, Marvel and cubes.

    No, I am not greedy. It's Nexon fault. They blocked us because of their bug. Not because we hack or doing illegal stuff. That's why we deserve more than 6 hours exp & drop , 2 cubes and merchant . We deserve more than that.

    if they gave us all lgr's i'd be fine with it.
  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    Well i hope we get a better compensation. Very very dissapointed in nexon....
  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    NEXON COME ON MAN! I ONLY HAD THREE NX ITEMS THAT I GOT FROM FREDRICK! I've waited 48+ hours to play! I certainly EXPECT BETTER compensation then just 6 2x exp 6 2x drop TWO RED CUBES?!?!?! and a 7Day merchant. I truly do think that's terrible compensation for waiting TWO days after A WHOLE day maintenance..... I'm actually very very salty about this.. Such bs that i'm pulled in with this situation. i'm missing more 2x exp ME AND MY FRIENDS PLANNED TO PLAY BT TO LEVEL 200! I'm also missing out on that! This is such a joke i'm ACTUALLY CONSIDERING QUITING FOREVER! Sigh Nexon open up Tespia servers again for selected players your employee's that you've hired don't even play this game. After watching the stream before limitless patch I know damn well they DO NOT play maplestory at all. Welp that's my rant i'm still more salty than i show....
  • [UPDATE NOTES] v178 V: Limitless

    For you that don't know. Everyone was hitting 10b when the server came back up. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons why they did a unscheduled maintenance.