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  • problems with performance

    Yes ever since the capoo update, majority of hunting maps has cause my FPS to drop. I hope this gets more notice....
  • [Culvert] guild ranking not showing

    Some guilds completing the Sharenian Culvert are not showing the guild name on the Culvert ranking.

    Edit: I am hearing from multiple players that using the room 1 cause this glitch. I am not 100% certain.

    World: Scania
    Affected guild: Aquarium, Invention

  • Fox spirits skill for shade doesnt work properly.

    Hmmm, there's a fox fire change, maybe copying and pasting that kms change will somehow fix this glitch? I mean when was the last time fox fire even gotten a change, so here's hoping!
  • Fox spirits skill for shade doesnt work properly.

    I'm sorry but I thought this glitch has been fixed, but not completely. It's fixed for spirit incarnation, but NOT SPIRIT FRENZY. Can this 3+ year glitch be forwarded to nexon already?

    With the recent kmst changes, Spirit frenzy is going to be the core dpm for shade's burst, so please forward it to nexon.
  • SKILL Fox Spirits makes Spirit Frenzy do no damage

    This bug has been around since Heroes of Maple Patch. It also affects Spirit Incarnation. I used to be able to able to kill normal mode horntail with spirit incarnation before the Heroes of Maple Patch, but after the patch both Spirit Frenzy and Spirit incarnation stopped doing damage after procing Fox Spirits. I hope nexon can fix this soon because the next big patch in December, both Spirit Frenzy and Spirit Incarnation will play a big part in shade's damage. I would not like to see this bug to affect both spirit Frenzy and Spirit Incarnation when shade is using their upcoming new skill whenever Fox Spirits procs. It would not make my maple experience fun. :(

    Character Name: Ingots
    Character Level: 220
    Character Job: Shade
    World: Scania
    Date of incident: First day of Heroes of Maple Patch