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  • Add Frenzy Totem to Reward Shop

    I think it would be a great idea if we could add the 1 Day Frenzy Totem to the Reward Shop with a purchase limit of 1 costing like 5k Reward Points. I think this would be a great way to get people hooked on it and maybe generate more Marvel Sales. At the very least could prompt people to spend more NX. I think with these restrictions, it shouldn't be too much of an issue and would be a nice boost
  • Poll: Combo Kills

    If only I had the attention spam and ability to sit training for more than 1 hour I would get that achievement. As it is the highest I've hit in an hour time period is 2k combo. After that my willpower and attention spam quickly starts to drop off and I tire and need to take a break and switch.

    I try my best to keep my combo as high as possible but for some classes it's a lot of work to be able to continually keep it going. If you slow down or mess up for a few seconds or lag, that's it for your combo. Start over :(

    The combo orb exp is a nice bit of burst exp too, especially if you get the Aran link skill. Speaking of which, I still need to do that >.>

    Wishful thinking but, I wish instead of straight up losing the combo entirely if you slow down or mess up they changed it to instead drop off. I believe Aran's combos work in that fashion where you don't lose it right away, it just starts to drop off after a bit.
  • Overwatched

    I believe the monitoring of toxic behavior should be done for actions done within the game itself. At first I had no opinion on the matter and was leaning towards it's a good idea. However after reading your points I can see how you have a very valid side to it and I do believe you are right here.

    There are plenty of ways to combat toxicity within the game itself as there's a lot of crap talking going in in chat in Overwatch and in what actions you take during a match itself with players able to report others for toxic behavior. Of course you can't really monitor toxic voice chatting. Sure you could record it and come up with some software to analyze it and what not. There's also the right to privacy and other legal issues involved in that.

    Either way banning based on social media is a very dangerous precedent to set and should only be taken into account if it starts heading in the direction of criminal at which point it's better to alert the authorities if it's that bad.
  • Why no check point on B1?

    ShadEight wrote: »
    Pigaba wrote: »
    Can't we just have a nice fun little event that everyone can relax and enjoy, rather than events that make players do stuff that makes them want to rage quit?? Why are you guys trying so hard to be like Dark Soul?

    Because you're getting BiS worthy equipment without paying nexon for it, of course it should be challenging. Besides, it isn't that difficult once you get used to it. If you're demanding a cakewalk even after they gave you checkpoints (this is your second time doing the event for gods sake), then its your problem.

    Uh huh, *looks at Ghost Exorcist Badge*. Is the Sengoku High Badge hard to get which is also a BiS badge for reboot I would remind you. I hate excuses like this when there's plenty of other BiS items that are much easier to get for people that don't involve tearing your hair out over jump quests.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other BiS items I could point out that are easy to get your hands on but I'll just stop there.
  • Wondroid ideas for less player stress

    Petalmagic wrote: »

    Interesting, one last idea that came to me...let the steam do less damage. Seriously.

    MSEA already has that. There's a bunch of things MSEA had for B1 that if we got it, would have helped tremendously on this front. Maybe next time this comes around we'll get that verison instead.

    Edit: I guess we got everything but the change to the steam/lasers. In MSEA they did 40% HP. I think that alone would help as it gives you 2 free screw ups before the 3rd one kills you unless you have passive healing.