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  • Gay Marriage

    Totally agree, there shouldn't be any Gender flags in the game at all to begin with...
  • Bring back Tespia Server

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    if they care still
    just copy-paste from @@@
    also dont forgot to translate !
    should be fine

    Or just make something unique for GMS player base.. Also do not forget to make it for 210 +. GMS has a huge bot problem and I've a feeling that someone who dedicate their self to the game enough to reach 210 would put more effort into bug reporting than someone low level.
  • Bring back Tespia Server

    Let’s be real here, the content doesn’t get tested enough. Nexon does have a QA team that extensively test new content before it comes out to the live server but this is obviously not enough seeing the amount of bugs that still makes it to live server.

    I’ve a feeling if GMS had a test server like back in the past And if GMS team gave something to incite peoples to report bugs it would get us somewhere.

    What I have in mind :

    - Have the test server run for two weeks before each patches to allow for peoples to report bugs.
    - Give rewards to who ever report the most issues ( has to be real issues there.. otherwise it could be abused)
    - Make the test server invite only ( only invite peoples who have a character level 210+ to the server) that way you can run out the problem of hackers testing the client before it goes live.
  • Known Issue 1/29 (after maintenance)

    You guys seriously need to fix the Memory leak/ High CPU usage. The game became literally unplayable without disconnecting at least 10 TIMES during a game play and I am not even exaggerating. It's fair to say that we at least need some communication regarding this issue, that just becomes worst EVERY PATCHES and get disregarded regardless of SEVERAL attempts from players to get it known.
  • Enough is Enough

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    This thread is a perfect example of why suggestions go unacknowledged. few individuals being 24/7 bored and ready to find pinpoint to argue &**** on either on forum or other social they will be there

    just because OP didnt understand fully nexon way of maintenance meaning lets all unite and **** on him

    meanwhile GMS maintenance gets worse and worse while other regions gets it done quicker and with less problems in the game after each maintenance
    then we wonder why KMS player base dont rapidly decline all this years and why many chose to main in KMS and run events and some short dailys in GMS

    I think you fail to mention here that KMS DOES have a TEST server. Which is something GMS Do not have for years now. I feel like if GMS brought back GMST, Maybe there would be less issues into live server. I am sure they do TEST their stuff internally, but it is phisically impossible, with their small QA team, to detect and squash EVERY SINGLE bugs into this testing process. Sure, some are gonna say that a test server wouldn't do any better and would result into the same things since we can't find every bugs either, but I have a feeling it would squash down at least HALF of what goes into live servers right now.