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  • Poor maple anniversary

    Nostalgia is very important. This is not a game that just hit the market. Maplestory have been around over 13yrs, and some people have spent the majority of their childhood-into adulthood playing this game. Nostalgia is an important issue that have kept some people from coming back to maple, because everything they knew and love have been removed/changed/altered. It seems like nothing about Maple has stayed, its like their trying to recreate a new game, when the blueprint to major success have been in their face all along. There are few things about Maple's history that are still in the game. Maple traditions are more and more wiped out.

    Maple Leaf event is more than just an event to some people, it is tradition just like the 2x event was. I miss trying to catch the maple leaves in the falling maple leaves event. I miss the custom weapons and designs set, eager to see how they will out do themselves next time. With anything that spans over a decade people will always remember how things was, and traditions that came to be. You can't expect people to forget that overnight.
  • Standardize Bonus Potential Cube Price

    Occire wrote: »
    Nick008 wrote: »
    what about the player that already spend thousands on bonus potentials. This would be a turn-off for them.

    What about the players that spent thousands on miracle cubes, premium miracle cubes, super miracle cubes, revolutionary miracle cubes, enlightening miracle cubes, memorial miracle cubes, platinum miracle cubes, and all the other now sub-par and more costly cubes compared to the red and black cubes we have now?

    If I spent thousands on cubes and they became cheaper, I would be jumping for joy. Everyone loves to save money.

    I like the idea of having both games and crafts, to having something for everyone.
  • **Gaining the Population: Advertising **

    Nexon in Korea, Japan, and China still advertise. Hopefully, they could all come together to make MS a worldwide success again. K-Pop have been branching out into the US market and have been the first international genre in a longtime making huge strides in the US. A cross promotion event of that nature will draw in tons of people. But, with any major marketing campaign NA servers would need to handle the mass influx of people without being unstable and crashing.

    The marketing strategy that require people to "share" it, is an old strategy that needs to be thrown out. Just like any business, people will spread the word if they are happy. People will spend more if they are happy. NA need to post visible Ads on social media platforms that when tapped or clicked, they will be directed to the website or new user page that is rarely used.

    The stats prove that US/GMS is a huge market, overlooking it is a big mistake.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    This would greatly stabilize the economy