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  • i doubt it, but 5th job confirmed next month????

    And also explain why we got such huge change with Kaiser and Luminious...
  • Climate Change

    seriously people like deathmob is NOT doing conservatives any favour... they just make other conservatives look like distrusting jackass who will not trust any info unless they can see it with their own eyes... I will bet they don't trust even university professors.
  • Climate Change

    Incorrect, thermal expansion would be effectively canceled out by other factors/variables (largely evaporation). We're talking a collective temperature change of only around 5 degrees at most. To get any significant level of thermal expansion you'd be looking at having to increase the temperature by upwards of FIFTY degrees.

    Again, you're already proven wrong by history. 9,000 years ago during the Holocene Climatic Optimum the world was not largely underwater, there was hardly ANY difference in the amount of land mass from that period of time, to this one.

    And again, you're using that random label "scientists"... who, exactly, are you referring to? And what specific criteria are you using to gauge that label? I mean, take Bill Nye for example, one of the most overly vocal proponents for climate change hysteria... and yerhtet he only has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Cornell. On top of that though he has six HONORARY degrees... meaning he was just given titles/pieces of paper without putting in any actual level of effort or showing any level of actual skill, understanding, research, etc.

    And, on the flip side, you could take me, I only have a B.S. in computer science... but collectively, amongst six different colleges I have enough credits to make almost any degree I like. You can do that you know. You can get a bunch of extra degrees often by just taking a quarter or two worth of classes on top of your regular load.

    It's certainly NOT ridiculous either to say that climate change hysteria is driven largely by money... I mean that's like purposefully ignoring the multi-BILLION dollar sized ELEPHANT in the room. You don't start throwing around BILLIONS of dollars and then claim that they're not having an outward influence on whatever they're being directed at. You can't possibly be THAT naïve and ignorant.
    It really is correct. Water levels will rise. They have been rising and are still rising now. The evidence doesn't back up your claims that thermal expansion is canceled out.
    Just read it.

    And in case you missed what I said about the Holocene Climatic Optimum, it really is hardly relevant to today because it was caused by orbital forcing. There is evidence to say that if we lived under the same conditions today it would be hotter than it was at that time.

    I don't know where you're getting this idea that anyone can do a little experiment and call themselves a scientist. That's not how it works. Scientists go through complicated processes to put credible work out there into the scientific community, and people who fail to meet the standards won't be taken seriously. It takes a lot of evidence, explanation, and hard work for someone to actually be a scientist.
    Not to mention that scientific community is constantly changing and evolving... to fit with new findings everyday AND they debate each other on their findings...
    also nearly every credible Scientists go through education in universities and earn many degrees, Masters and Phds to be called crediable scientists... only a fool do not trust the findings from Phd scientists...
  • Pie or cake?

    cake... cause in my country pie usually means meat pie... and I am not too found of meat pie.