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  • Please consider having profanity option

    Yes please give us an option to toggle this somehow, it's ridiculous how some word combinations get partially censored and I can't even with the help of google find out why this is suppose to be a "bad" word
  • A Better Maple: Revamp Equipment Tooltip

    It's really sad to see how this has been here for two months getting regular bumps and there isn't even one of those useless CM replies in it saying something like "Yea, maybe we will think about doing this ..."
    Fully supported from my side, item tool tips need a bit of a cleanup!
  • Suggestion : Make an EMS Reboot World

    Been waiting for one for nearly a year now since it was promised with the GMS/EMS merge!
  • KMS PIN System

    The terrible system GMS now has is the only reason why I'm still using a simple pin made up of a couple of numbers. Can't be bothered to put in words into that clusterfuck of a UI.
  • Noted Questions from the Weekly Livestream AMA

    Shades2 wrote: »
    Q: Reboot EU servers. Is it ever going to happen?
    A: This is being discussed with our game team, but we are requesting to see if it can be done in the future.

    ^^ this has been the same answer to that question for like over a year ... beyond annoying at this point... 1 year ago it was " this is being discussed" LOL must be some long discussons....

    Just give eu there reboot ... its only fair tothem.

    It's weird to me how over time the answer to this question has actually changed. Back when EMS and GMS merged I talked to a GM and he said that it is planned that EU will get it's own Reboot server in the future, too bad this was at the start of december 2016 and NOTHING has been done for us since then. Playing on Reboot from EU really is terrible and you have to get used to the lag, is it really so hard for nexon to finally do this for us?