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  • [URGENT] maple hotel shop error when trying to buy

    Bera , after reset ( utc time 0:15 june 13), shop supposed to be open till 23:59 (meaning theres still 23 hours left).
    before reset shops worked as intended

    this needs to be fixed asap please ^_^
  • no sakura pre box even after the update

    Kar1Nek0 wrote: »
    I've been given my box, you may have to wait a little before it's given out? Try posting it on tech support to see if you don't get a box within 24 hours
    i waited but still got no box so i decided to submit a ticket XD thanks tho for the advice ^^
    bumbertyr wrote: »
    Hi Yukimori,

    Are you still missing your MapleStory X Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card pre-registration reward box? If so, when you get the chance submit a ticket to support so they can assist you further on this matter.

    yes i did. thank you for the response i have submited a ticket to support

  • Classes that can share Cash shop inventories?

    this is so silly that they removed the share cash inventory with everyone.. like it a single account u supposed to share cash with all of your players in the same world.

    i know that last year in korean maple story they made it back so u can share with all of the characters in the same wolrd no matter the class
  • My own lagging problems

    Hello there

    I must to say that most of the my game experience is fine with computer windows 7 6 years old but I have a problem of lagging but it only I specific times

    Most of the week it starts to get lagging in the evening times like 6 to 8 at evening and after it midnight like 1 at night and over it fixed by itself
    at Fridays it starts to get lagging earlier in the noon like 1 or 2 at noon till 7 or 8 at evening and then it fixed by itself
    At Saturdays it mostly similar to Fridays I'm starting to get lagging in around 2 or 3 at afternoon and it go on till the rest of the day till the midnight of 1 at night

    That rly weird I swear it heppen to me in the last 4 years and I rly dont know what to do with it

    Some1 has the same thing?
    Or know how to fix that?
    I must help cuz it rly annoying and I can't play at that times

    Ty for helpers

    OMG DUDE i have the same issue... i have super lags in the evenings like 6 to 9 and than at 2am to 4 am after that the game work quite ok... it been going on after they made it so u can only start the game from launcher.