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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    The fix for the red christmas boxes that drop is beyond over the top. Maple has now made an event where we can obtain 40 coins per day. 40 coins per day isnt even enough for 1 scroll for the ring i still have 17 scrolls left to use. 60 coins to scroll it once. So now rather than being able to get coins based on how much i actively farm, im going to open 2 boxes and get my daily cap. This is absurd. I'm now unable to get a mount or anything else i may want because i decided to pick the ring. Good going nexon, maybe in the future fix the drops on mobs that have no other drops, IE dimensional invasion pq, rather than ruining this event. Im not even going to participate in this event anymore, because farming 30 days for a ring that gives me way worse stats than my current rings just sounds like a useless achievement.
  • Suggestion : Revival of Henesys Hunting Ground

    So i had an epiphany and realized we need HHG back but as a map that is on par to the low lvl henesys golems for early level training. The reason HHG was so popular was because of its nice layout and gave decently good exp, as well as its easy accessibility from henesys and its very original feel that maplestory delivered in the old days. It was nice having a place to congregate that wasn't just the main town of henesys or the fm and had some mobs you could wack. Is there any way this could be re-implemented ?