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  • Thank you Nexon

    TBH, that they have a class that makes grinding more efficient is a major issue.
    As they have said, it has majorly skewed the class choices of a lot of players, and caused a terrible meta situation.
    They should remove the effect asap and look at whether there is something wrong with the rest of the game that made it so popular.
  • Event feedback -- let's sum things up

    I keep looking at the events and my thoughts range from: "Annoying waste of time.", "Might be able to get something if I had no life because the duration is too short." and "Oh great, another Hot Week, I guess I should log in every day even though that means I'm associating the game with tedium."
    I'm really not sure that the current event behaviour is beneficial to the game. If you use Fear Of Missing Out as something to encourage people to play, you end up with people that Actually Are Missing Out. Those people are getting a second class game experience which is substandard. And if you are giving out gameplay affecting rewards from you events, then you now need to balance the game between players with two different stat levels. Good luck with that mess.
  • Closed Maps (Singapore, Tera Forest, etc.)

    I kept getting the undroppable Time Travellers Pocket Watch dropping in Minar Forest, even though Tera Forest has been locked for ages. And apparently you can still buy tickets to Singapore.
    Could we at least get the content closed off properly?
  • pop-up survey

    I love having to hit escape several times so that I don't die because I got disconnected in a dangerous map.
  • Alishan

    Nice little area with some diverse content. Possibly a bit too little though.
    I don't recall now if it did it to me, but hopefully it isn't still doing the light bulb above your head, as that has been reported to break things by teleporting you out of quest critical areas that can't be re-accessed.
    A few issues though:
    The xp given for everything in this area is quite low.
    Shao doesn't count as a boss for anything (such as ambition or boss kills for quests), possibly because she is quite easy.
    You can't jump from the top of one carriage to another.
    You are required to do all the daily quests 75 times to get the pendant upgrade and 98 times to get the top totem. This is obscene. I would expect the costs to be about 1/5 of the current amount.