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  • Recharging Throwing Stars at the Mushroom Shrine

    Would be good if Bronze, the Takoyaki Chef, could recharge throwing stars.
    Or just throw in a normal supplies vendor? That place is desolate...
  • Auto form/leave Party in dialogue

    There are so many instances where you get told you have to be in a party or not in a party to do something. (Some times you get party only and non-party only parts in one theme dungeon...)

    So how about just automatically put you in a party (or drop you from the party) when you try to do a section like that?
  • This game sure knows how to be annoying...

    Thanks everyone. I managed to get through it. (Solo. I think I'm on a dead world already. The Black Mage may as well take it...)
    Shame about the Cave of Repose. Grade S atmosphere, Grade E quest...
    I will now leave the Arcane River until my character actually has remotely decent equipment for it.
    At least I don't have to watch Nodestones and Arcane Symbol Selectors expire anymore.
  • Low level soul shard rate seems a bit pointless

    I managed to get 1 Black Slime soul shard from beating Captain Darkgoo about 10 times. (The cut scene image was painful to repeat that many times...)
    I have beaten up Ephenia enough times to get 10 of her rings, but only got 2 soul shards out of it.
    I've got a Vicious Hunter soul shard from somewhere. Possibly some sort of mystery box?
    These are just junk in my inventory, and possibly just junk in the game's data files. They aren't even tradable.
    Why would anyone bother repeating these bosses a hundred times for a full soul?
    Whatever the minute drop rate of these items is might make sense for bosses that you have a good reason to repeat (doubtful), but it really doesn't make sense for others.

    Just drop a full soul.
    Increase the shard drop rates.
    Reduce the number of shards needed for a full soul for lower level bosses.
    Allow them to be deconstructed into Soul Essence, which can then be used to complete a soul in place of getting a full 10 shards.
  • Shinsoo International School Stairs

    Why would anyone think there needs to be a 3+ second long cutscene freeze for changing floors.
    They are stairs. Its not dramatic!