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People I depend on the forums for Information: Update 11/17/18 ChroniusNightmare Spuddy Deadling YinYangX (sometimes get stuff wrong. Depend with caution. XD)


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April 4, 1986
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Crazy types are funner than you think. Befriend them quickly!
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Even though I don't show it! I've been a mapler since Khaini was the last server on maplestory. Yes, I am that old. In game now, the family name of my characters go by the last name "Tovaki". However, do not be fooled because I am a female you know, but I hate female armor in this game. I am usually a warrior/pirate type, and I am usually in the mood to complete my codex book. I've been away from this game for so long... I am practically a newbie. Anyway, It's nice to meet you all!
  • Is there some way to force a logout?

    I ran into that issue a couple of times. I highly advise waiting 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, it will do it in 3 minutes if you're lucky. The game needs to catch up that you are not playing or logged out. Then, you should be able to log back in again. I don't know why data would lag from a crash, but that's how I solved my case. Best luck to you.
  • Ruined my Tera Burning character, any fixes?

    Hey Avenkross! Is this character an explorer type? You might be able to just go to the other jobs instructor and talk with them still. As far as I remember, you can still change your mind if you want to go to another instructor. However, if this doesn't work, you can delete your character. As long as you didn't accept a job, you shouldn't have to wait 24 hours to delete your character. I hope this helps you out, but I am not so sure if things changed. Usually, explorer classes don't make you finalize your choice. I am sure someone else has a better solution. Good luck. I am sorry to hear you had this issue already on the first day.
  • Tera Burning Event

    Sorry guys! Zeros can't feel the burn this time XD.
  • Recently started playing. Chose Cadena. Any tips??

    YinYangX wrote: »

    Think "LHT" (first time I've seen him/her being referred to that, o.o) meant "is don't get too invested in your first character" on the fourth line [judging from following commenting].

    Assuming you want to stick to Cadena, you should probably look up some guides (the two I usually use are strategywiki and ayumilove). Cadena is a highly "skill" dependent class that depends on "combo"-ing (going off of personal experience and what ayumilove says), which will make it kind of difficult for a new player to get used to/master. Always be trying to master your comboes/skill linking until you're comfortable with them. Good luck.

    (If you end up deciding to change servers and end up in Scania, feel free to buddy list me, Cygnus277. =L)

    ROFL (Feel free to type my full name if you like XD)! Yeah! He's right. I don't know how that happened. What I thought did not register on screen. I gotta watch out for that.

    However, I do have to agree with YangX, regardless that I don't use guides (That's just me personally. I am old fashion and welcome mistakes). Cadena is a tough character, and I will be honest... "That class looks AWESOME! HANDS DOWN!". But, I go by the old rules: The tougher the character the easier it is to make mistakes. Don't get the wrong idea with my advice about not getting too invested on your first character. If your heart is set on making this character as your first, feel free. Just be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Like YangX said, it's difficult for new players especially if your experience creating this character is at ground 0. (Heck! I have no experience making this character.)

    In any case, don't underestimate the power of investing into a character. My first character was a cygnus pirate, but I made a few mistakes. Put all my stuff on mules, mesos in storage, and deleted it. So, I made a Paladin with the pirates money. He provide potions, money, and armour/weapons to benefit my new Cygnus pirate. I won't even have to start from the ground up for my next warrior. You might have an easier time with your Cadena as your main if you did a little investing. (Sometimes, it's all about "The MESOS!!!" Ahem! That came out so wrong.)

    Well, Scania is a decent place to start now! So, feel free to talk to him. So, you're Cygnus277? Checking you out on the ranking!

    Returned: Oh wow... you're actually.... kinda cute!