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  • We Must Stand Together Against Nexon.

    Hello people of GMS, we MUST stand together against Nexon's constant BS against the Overseas playerbase.

    Time and time again we get treated like trash, no consideration for our stance in the matter, but NO MORE!, starting today, i will halt ALL Maplestory activities until change will come!
    I know skipping out on events will hurt, skipping dailies will hurt, but we need to stop this abusive relationship the coldhearted people at Nexon are having with us right now.
    We MUST do 2 things, 1. Hit them in their bottom line!, do NOT under any circumstance PAY for any Nexon game whatsoever!
    2. STOP Playing, I MEAN IT you Stockholm Syndrome having playerbase!, we can't send our message if we continue playing! We must halt all Maplestory and Nexon Gaming Activities!

    Not Convinced? Here is a video containing Insider information:
  • We Need to Talk About Masteria

    Some good and well thought out suggestions and quality of life changes!, I'm forwarding this
  • Greetings from CM Ghiblee

    Welcome to the Team CM Ghiblee!

    Its always exciting to see a new face join the family and i can't wait for the stream tomorrow (it will be tough since im from The Netherlands) but ill try!

    i have some questions for you:
    What Class do you main?
    What level are you?
    Pre BB Maple or Post BB Maple or Even Both?
    What other (Online games) do you enjoy besides Maplestory and the ones mentioned in your post?
    Do you own a Real life Pet (If so, picture pls <3 )
    If you could change 1 thing in maple what would it be and why?
    Can i get a hug? <3
  • Was gonna be the best, turned out to be the worse

    #FreeTheLegit this is just horrid, On my main account im a Kanna main and if this were to happen to me..... oh god