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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    With yesterday's dmt events it was shown that the game is unplayable, the most affected. reboot and certain parts of normal servers, elysium lag as always ... why do I write here? because here begins the problems with the last changes in the game not only in kanna nerf, gollux, totems fury, servers bugs delay, spike memory leak, etc etc etc etc ... many people have been affected in the dmt and it is because of the Total instability of the game, many posts were right here where the problem is the game in general and the inadequate maintenance and ridiculous changes in the game by bad decisions, but these problems are years old, it is incredible that people recently react to these problems .. and nobody helps to anticipate this, not the gms, nor administrators, technical service, staff, volunteers ... members .. none ...

    If you saw a lot of people cubing in yesterday's event, a lot of people were bot and with hacker igns, the instability to log into the worst game .. the dcs, crash, unexpected game closure, the sunny sunday for god ... You can check out that thing! , how is it possible to cube this bug for minutes ... id already log .... the economy of the game ..

    in reedit people are right to claim for all these events against the player of yesterday's event but not only that, the latest decisions and ridiculous changes have made the game unplayable, many people leaving the game, discomfort, helplessness

    many people were happy about the nerf to kanna, but I did not think about the economy of the game by the server reboot and other negative changes for this server, just like others on normal servers, the solution was nerf to kanna, kishin and voila, stable server .... but today is worse .. many hackers have invaded the game, mikhails - mercedes etc etc ... it did not help because the game is still unplayable, nexon should reverse these changes and improve the game system in general with long-term maintenance, yesterday in the dmt is the beginning of errors if this does not change. although of course these errors are years old ... it is a 2d game ... the graphics, the memory, the processes in cpu is too much ... and worse and once again I repeat ... the bad maintenance and decisions of the nexon staff have been pauperrimos already today the results are these, a game for the sunset

    totally agree, the changes in kanna did not solve anything and with the events of dmt last weekend ... I honestly plan to leave this game if nexon continues to make mistakes and ridiculous changes in the content of the game .. where are the memos of stability? and improves the user with a good service? oh true
  • Lag in Elysium

    innncg wrote: »
    luna02 wrote: »
    Ever since everyone has come home because COVID-19 after the maintenance, the servers were lagging so bad that we couldn't clear all the hard bosses last night. I'm in Elysium server. A lot of people have been lagging lately. I'm not sure about other servers, I've asked the guys in reboot, and they don't seem to find any problems with theirs. I'm gonna safely assume Bera is also struggling with that too. Obviously not happy.

    since wondroid event .. this problem is to today , there are many posts in diverses forums with these problems. since high consumption in the cpu, lag, lag spike, freezes whit delay, it isnt only in elysium also in some worlds but they are blind or do not want fix this for the moment

    Obviously you did not play in Elysium. The serious lag problem only happens when you have multiple people in bossing. It only happens in Elysium after maintenance in March, and other servers like Bera, Reboot are totally fine when bossing with six man party.

    man i play in both worlds. bera and elysium , have a internet of 600mbs fibre optic .. and elysium is unplayable to cause of lag and bera have problems of lag and spikes freezes, by a high use in task manager by the performance only in this game in 70% 90% to 100% randomly ... not is problem of my pc why is a good pc gamer of last generation ... monitor less ... is a game 2D but no fix we see to today