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  • Would SMS verification reduce the botting problem?

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    Fuhreak wrote: »
    There are tools that can do that, yes. Just look on github. Really people, it's not nearly as air tight as you think.
    The number of banned accounts thing would be what really kills it. You run into the problem of every phone number under the sun being blocked from Nexon accounts though.

    Remember that Korean MMOs are backed by real world data as well (KSSN) and they still have hackers.
    It might slow them down, but it certainly won't stop them.

    Can you link a github example that you have seen that would be an effective bypass against SMS verification, for farm bots?
    Having every phone number under the sun being blocked is not really a problem.

    The goal is precisely to slow them down, not to stop hacking completely. I think you have a very different goal in mind.

    yes the goal its to slow down/lower the amount of hackers
    KMS does that, there is hackers in KMS aswell no one can stop that but they dont giveup because that

    in GMS maplestory feels opposite
    even when you google maplestory you get meso sellers,hacks offers as normal thing
    ranking are full with them (weekly ban data just show 50% of them)
    go ingame and find elite boss you will see 20+ kaisers and kannas botting 24/7

    even top 10 mail providers requests phone number ( yea sure there is some shady providers that dont but why work with those lol )

    i dont understand why nexon ignores request of phone number still... small thing that can help more then broken autoban and support system that is spamed by hackers
    i dont see nexon loseing if they add this option even if there is no benefit worth the try

    also is sad to hear long time nexon workers leaving (some that actuly know the game :( )

    Today there are fake programs. such as phone, email, voice recognition, SMS via Google Play Store programs and other websites, this is the problem, many hackers will use these methods to continue in the game and legitimate players who have 2 or 3 optional accounts would be affected, adding this would be a catastrophe because simply nexon is not prepared for this, maplestory .. no .. nexon .. practically became ubisoft and others like Activision, Depp silver and gearbox and other companies for disaster in their games help their communities etc etc

    Forgive my language but I think that returning to the old game launcher, an online gm system in the game , a game guard with updates every day as an example does steam or blizzard , programs antibots as have in kms will solve this in one part

    Why remove nexon launcher? because it has unnecessary processes and is badly programmed with a blackciper that never worked and this due to the increase in the game of cheats, hackers, files in the folder for example mob.map are damaged and are used by them, note separately the high use of cpu and memory ... with crash lag and unjustified bans results in the end, that the game is abandoned