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  • santa boxes and V coins

    limit can happen but is ridiculous limit to 10 coins on a sops that have items that cost 800 coins
    or drop those coin costs or limit the items we can buy but dont make impossible to people get most of items like mounts and chairs
  • Cant handle the truth uh?

    Feel free to ban me if you want, anyways i'm tired of your community managers, i actually think they are the weak side of maplestory ;)

    Evil Soul, First and foremost do not listen to Banks. Everything I read from him is ignorant, controversial, and unsubstantial. He's clearly an unempathetic brown noser with no concept of business.

    For example, (aside from Banks) I'm sure we're all aware what the most important element of business actually is, right?
    It's the consumer base, the customer. It's the source of revenue which keeps the company functional.

    Some would have you believe that you, as a consumer, are not entitled to a quality product. They try to tell you about how you must "Just live with what you get".

    But that is a fallacy. And we both know it.
    Pay no mind to the fool from now on.
    Talk with your money, by not spending on Nexon.
    Choke them and Choke their wallets until they remember that we are the most important factor.
    Without us, no one at Nexon can survive. That's the truth.
    actually you also miss out some business conceptions too
    it isnt the costumer base but the good costumer base (those that doesnt rant all all time)
    imagine you as a seller wat u would prefer: load of rude costumer all time complaining or some good costumers that understand (there limit of understand ofc) and u make good deals contacts etc (were both win at the end)
    any seller will chose the 2º option unless they lacking money
    and this game is free to play especially on reboot, so you also appliing some falacies
  • Questions about the V event

    kill on a map of mobs of ur lvl
    might take 30min to summon a portal
  • Add European Characters

    Our chat system is borked in so many ways. If they were to add even more ways to break it, it would probably collapse on itself.
    only love the irony the cursing on other laguages usually is censored but on english works 100%
    the europe got way + symbols like latin origin laguages hav ç õ ã á à é è í ì ó ò ú ù â ô

    always thought ems chat censor was anoying but compared to gms char censor was way better, really way better. At least the sender and receiver knew where censor was and there were tricks to avoid it (while on gms only receiver usually see's making comunication harder, censor are unavoiable wich doesnt make any sence since english cursing words mostly are uncensored)

    best would be remove censor, let those special symbols needed to comunicate on other languages that aren't english and enable people to report when needed...
    making gms be even + global