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  • Boss Queuing Party Leader Proposal

    a way to u avoid that is put the pt private on pt settings so in part can be your fault
  • Please change Gachapon message color (green)

    or simply make them how they ued to be on previous patch
    at least other ppl could see wat item was and stats and if were interested could contact whose had it
    same story to nx boxes opening
  • New Royal/RNG Face Previews with Facial Expression

    saddly many times wat ruins or makes a face be epic is the face expressions that they bring
    showing them could rly motivate more people getting them
  • Link Skills

    imo link leave link skills as is BUT lower the amount you can link to a character and use. for example only allow 1 link skill to be linked to a character at a time and having to pay NX to switch them out. why? because this will lower dps/dpm and allow people to possibly party up more for bossing. i like this game but i mean they are just giving us free buffs from the link skills and all we need to do is put in time to level them and the end game seems to suffer because people can solo bosses i mean after you hit 250 all there really is to do is grind out the best possible gear and scroll/cube them.

    the class balance alone in this game is horrible i mean look at the utility classes like kanna and bishops all people tend to seek them for is kishin and HS why even put a healer in the game if your not going to abuse there utilities? kishin is great for leveling but max cap is only 250 and it's easy as hell to level now then it was in the past. 2x events, burning events, lowered exp needed from what to 200.
    u alr thought why the strong ppl prefer solo?
    or alr wasted hours if not days to gather trustable ppl for some boss pq and things like that? or ever were triked by add a random player to do those things?
    make link skills avaliable with nx would ruin the game and that we don't need
    really if ppl want to team up let them team up, if they don't want they won't team up
    but don't force to ppl to team up wich changes like u sugesting
  • Link Skills

    I'd like this if possible.
    all said here^