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  • Remove the Sunny Sunday window.

    Please. Remove the Sunny Sunday window. Every single time I log into a charecter, I have to go through this crash or not Sunny Sunday window boss, because when you close it, you MUST freeze for FIVE HUNDRED million CENTURIES to play the game. AND THEN another window pops up, and you will not even know if you will crash or not.
    99.9% of the time, you WILL crash no matter what because of closing the sunny sunday window. Remove this window. We do not need to crash everytime we log on to a charecter. Why is it specifically on the weekends? This is literally very annoying.
    Remove it and give us the ability to see the sunny sunday in the game another way WITHOUT FORCING US TO READ IT UPON LOGGING ON TO THE CHARECTER AND CRASHING. Thanks. This will 100% get ignored by nexon.
  • Make item guard prevent cubing

    darik wrote: »
    Just y do ppl seal stuff ?o.o

    so that hackers don't sell all your gear or delete your charecter.
  • [REBOOT] Gollux Restock

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Hastaga wrote: »
    I'm probably not the first person to request this, but REBOOT should have Gollux restock weekly or monthly. It makes no sense it is limited to 1 and if you so happen to lose the gear you are screwed. Enough people voiced their opinion about Dark Totem Event being so short, and look they heard us! So if enough of us bring attention about this, things can change.

    Non-Reboot should get this too. We are also stuck with a purchase limit of one for accessories. I understand we have auction house, but it would be better if each player had the option of getting one without having to make a new character one buy one.

    no thanks. it would make gollux accessories more worthless, which means making mesos will become harder.
  • Buff Freezers no longer stack and only last 7 days

    nexon hates f2p and they want to make it harder for them so that they get more money but in reality we will just quit.
  • a simple solution that could fix the 2pc meta.

    the 2pc meta is the worst thing to exist in this game. it annoys me and alot of other players. it also makes people who dont have a frenzy totem or a 2nd pc at a big disatvantage.
    i have thought of removing the effect from the skill Kishin Shoukan, kanna's 3rd job advancement skill, and making every map in this game permanently affected by pre nerfed kishin, while also keeping the frenzy totem. both free to play and pay to win players would be happy. what are your thoughts?