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  • Problem with Screen Size

    Your monitor display's resolution settings will determine how much room is available for everything else, such as the game window.

    For example, I have my monitor set to 1920x1080, which means if I set the game's resolution to 1920x1080, it will fill up the entire screen, because the size of the game window is the same as the display resolution.

    However, if I set the game's resolution to 1024x768, it will take up a little more than a quarter of the screen.

    The game's resolution options are basically 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1366x768, and 1920x1080.
    If you don't want the game to take up the whole screen but you still want a decent sized window, just make sure your monitor's resolution has a higher width and height than the game's resolution, but not that much higher.

    Or get a second monitor if you can.

    I have tried a program called "resize enable" in the past to turn non-resizable windows into resizable windows by dragging the edges and corners as you mentioned, but I never tried it on maplestory since I'm good with it filling up the whole screen. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/11799/turn-non-resizeable-windows-into-rezieable-windows/
  • Would SMS verification reduce the botting problem?

    Many services these days require you to sign up with both an email and a phone number, where you'll be sent a verification text. If account creation required a player to have a valid phone number, would that cut down the number of bots that hackers can create?
  • Remove BlackCipher please

    GM's and GM team is needed big time to help cut those ilegal trades that land in "legal chars"
    therefore hacking will become harder and less wanted (a better step for less hackers)

    It would be rather difficult to distinguish "legit mains" that are being funded from hacked accounts. I'd say 90% of the crafting material and emob/eboss drops are obtained through hacks. When a major patch comes out, the market for these items becomes pretty dry pretty quickly and supply never keeps up until hackers figure out how to get past the new security.

    That means anyone could be flagged as one of these "mains" if they tried to trace item or cash flow.
    Sure you might have the stupid ones that just move all their mesos and items to one or two characters directly because they're stupid, but one would hope nexon can figure that out.
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    if nexon makes that dream Ai that learns how to catch hacker/rule breaker
    rule breaks/hackers makes same kind of "ai" to learn fast how to avoid such flags

    so it will be endless AI war loop that catch so many wrongly each time it gets "updated"

    Well, that's how auto-ban systems work: you report a hack, GM looks at what's going on, and decides whether they need to add a new rule to their system. Then when they decide it's time to do a sweep, every account that gets caught gets wiped and then bera is no longer always full for a few days.

    GM's manually looking at each case is no different from having a system run the same checks.
    70-140k ~ bans of such accounts each week in a 5k~ playerbase
    they dont care about the ban when they allready transfer the goods to "legit char" they are just burner accounts or whatever they name it
    sure it cleans good chunk of "hackers" but more like only on paper
    just like the operation was successful, but the patient died
    falsely strikeing legit players so often in allready small player base its not just margin of error that just we can go with it

    Well, it's either that or you have 140k characters hacking everywhere. I mean, sure it would be ideal if no legit players were flagged (not everyone that claims to be legit is necessarily legit either), but there isn't really much room for compromise here.

    Having a GM manually go through each character doesn't guarantee that the number of false positives will decrease either. In fact I'd say the number of false positives would only increase because humans get sloppy after checking 30000 characters that are doing the same things and if they happen to get lazy on the 30001st character and it's yours, it's the same result.
  • Sales Tax.

    AKradian wrote: »
    It's true that Nexon could, if they wanted to, pay the tax out of their own pocket, instead of charging customers for it the way all businesses do. But we can't demand such generosity.

    Players could demand such generosity. After all, if players stop purchasing NX, then nexon doesn't make money.
  • Princess No quest makes me desperate

    I beat story princess No on my alt at lv 160. Just But it was on a hero so I had a bit more HP to work with I think (not sure if stats are based on original character)
    I don't remember how many pots I used but it was definitely more than on a lv 200 character.