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  • The Drop Rate for Maple Global Event is ridiculous

    At least the folks hawking them in the AH are starting to show sanity.

    Probably most people either bought them at 200m or 300m and don't need them anymore, or they gave up on the event so everyone that's now trying to get their share of the meso is driving down prices.

    Guild mate made couple billion in the last two days lol truly a Merry Xmas.
  • Bots commin to steal your maps

    Bots are already back? That's pretty fast the patch didn't even last 2 days before hackers got past the security.
  • Problem with Screen Size

    Your monitor display's resolution settings will determine how much room is available for everything else, such as the game window.

    For example, I have my monitor set to 1920x1080, which means if I set the game's resolution to 1920x1080, it will fill up the entire screen, because the size of the game window is the same as the display resolution.

    However, if I set the game's resolution to 1024x768, it will take up a little more than a quarter of the screen.

    The game's resolution options are basically 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1366x768, and 1920x1080.
    If you don't want the game to take up the whole screen but you still want a decent sized window, just make sure your monitor's resolution has a higher width and height than the game's resolution, but not that much higher.

    Or get a second monitor if you can.

    I have tried a program called "resize enable" in the past to turn non-resizable windows into resizable windows by dragging the edges and corners as you mentioned, but I never tried it on maplestory since I'm good with it filling up the whole screen. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/11799/turn-non-resizeable-windows-into-rezieable-windows/
  • Are you waiting for xxx like me...?

    Do you just want burning to be a permanent thing or something lol
  • Would SMS verification reduce the botting problem?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I won't link to one as that's highly questionable, but there are account creation programs designed to bypass SMS verification.
    You can look for them on your own if you care so much for them. My goal isn't to stop hackers completely.
    My goal is to slow them down without hurting legit players. SMS verification isn't very secure. Plenty of players don't want Nexon having their information, either.
    I've said in the past that phone verification would work to some degree, but that I oppose it.

    SMS verification would be a solution going forward. Existing accounts would not require verification. So these "plenty of players" that have been doing fine for years don't need to worry about giving nexon their information.

    SMS verification isn't very secure because anyone can get a number, but there is a reasonable limit to the number of phone numbers that someone would be able to get ahold of before they start running into problems.

    And it's not like someone's going to be able to use my phone number, get the verification code, and then have my account banned.
    microwave wrote: »
    Today there are fake programs. such as phone, email, voice recognition, SMS via Google Play Store programs and other websites, this is the problem, many hackers will use these methods to continue in the game and legitimate players who have 2 or 3 optional accounts would be affected, adding this would be a catastrophe because simply nexon is not prepared for this, maplestory .. no .. nexon .. practically became ubisoft and others like Activision, Depp silver and gearbox and other companies for disaster in their games help their communities etc etc

    Yes, but there isn't an unlimited number of phone numbers available like there is with emails.

    If a legitimate player wants to create a second or third account, nexon can allow a single number to be associated with 2 or 3 accounts. Perhaps have a cooldown where you can create a second account after a week or two weeks. If a number is banned, then of course you would not be able to use that number again.
    Aggraphine wrote: »

    I don't know what you think you have in mind, but you may want to check your math there, sport.

    Is there an issue with the math?