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December 5, 1997
  • Familiar Questions!

    >Big Spider and Mutant Pig both provide Drop Rate increases. Big Spider will be much easier to farm for, while Mutant Pig... might take a few days.
    >HP and MP Recovery can be helpful for training and bossing. Jr Boogie is a fast and easy MP recovery familiar to grab, especially for very MP-hungry classes, while Mutant Snail and Mr Ali (or whatever the Aligator mobs in Mu Lung are called) will probably be the easiest familiars to get of the HP/MP recovery type, though both will take a fair bit of grinding.

    There really aren't that many good Familiars otherwise. Most provide very small and insignificant boosts to stats, a lot do useless things, and there are a select few that add weird color filters to your character. The four above will pretty much be all that you really need to get, and if you happen to get any cool ones, such as from a boss or from a favorite mob, then... good on you?

    I'm speaking as a Reboot player, and I don't know if the non-Reboot Gachapon exclusive familiars are worth anything.
  • Cannot access the Cash Shop

    I had just purchased 30k NX Credit, and now I can't access the Cash Shop. Whenever I try to, I get disconnected to the World Select menu. At one point I even got disconnected from the Login Server and couldn't relaunch the game until after I restarted my computer.
    I was able to connect to the cash shop just fine until after I bought the NX.
  • Possible new Jett content?

    Deadling wrote: »
    Jett was always a blonde.

    Hard to tell for sure. Jett's female Orange and Blonde hairs are very similar in shading, and her official artwork doesn't made it exact which color it is.
    Maybe she is blonde, or maybe she's just a bright orange, but either way she was not as blonde as she is in this new artwork.
  • Maplehood Watch - Kinda disappointed

    Lots of free NX was possible, most of it was pretty good. The Time Master/Mistress ribbons were pretty neat since they don't take up much headspace, but the whole Time Master/Mistress sets were pretty stylish as well. The fact Maplehood happened during Cash Shop Transfer was great as well. But... I dunno, most of the NX had no synergy at all with each other.

    The rewards from the Random Boxes suck completely as a character on Reboot. Forget that you never get Empress/CRA equips on the right characters, or that you mostly get chairs and metamorph potions, why are Trait EXP items being given out??? At the same time as Wonderoid that had mobs that dropped the exact same Trait EXP items by the dozens to.

    Hairs and Faces overall were lackluster. Still hate Overjoyed Smile and Sesame faces.

    Saturday rewards were kinda eh. I did get Legendary Ability on my Illium thanks to Saturday Miracle Circulators though, so that's pretty neat.

    Overall... eh.

    (psst, I still think that old free NX equips event from years ago should make a bold comeback one day, just saying...)
  • What Changed/Removed Features Do You Miss Most?

    Definitely the old versions of areas that have either been closed off or since revamped.

    Florina Beach (it wasn't much of an area, but it was a charming area at least), Kerning Square (Remember Blakes origins and doing quests to help him get a shot at fame?), Chryse (maybe not this one as much, but remember when everything used to be depressing and then everyone became obsessed with football or something and every scenario became stupidly silly pretty much overnight?), and Neo City. Neo City especially. I actually just listened to Average Town: Park, the most unnecessarily epic BGM to exist.