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December 5, 1997
  • Critique of my Maplestory Merch order...

    The plush arrived, so let's continue.
    First off, the dimensions were wrong and made it seem a lot smaller than it actually was. I'd say it is more 12" tall than the listed 10", or a full foot. From left to right, I'd say about 15" or 16". As for thickness, about 4". So the total dimensions came out as 16"x12"x4". Keep in mind I'm not accounting for the stuffing kinda bloating the little guy a bit.
    The material and stuffing, while I cannot identify either (and no I did not tear into my plush just to see the stuffing, I'm not THAT particular), do feel of good quality. And yes it is soft. Very huggable.

    Overall, I do now think it is worth the $40 USD that I paid for (maybe slightly less though, but not by much, just a few dollars), but I'm still disappointed that the merch store didn't list any specifics, and in fact the one specific it listed was still wrong. Would I buy more? Yes. But would I still like to know what I'm buying? Very much.
    ...I also think the shipping price could be toned down. Even just a "Buy more than $__ and get free/discounted shipping" would be nice. But $13 usd for shipping. The website says to allow 2-4 weeks for shipping, but there's no option for such a thing when buying, just Fast and Expedited. Not just that, but Fast and Expedited cost the same amount. This I am not pleased about.

    Good product, but I do not like the shipping options.
  • PTS check-in

    Reboot, Lv 201 Shadower.
    For the purposes of Tespia, Zenith, Wild Hunter level 201. Yeah, I don't like leveling up over 201...
  • New Class Nova/Cadena

    I remember it being said that Chuchu Island was conceived of when it was realized that maplestory has been adding a lot of dark and serious content compared to the lightheartedness of older content.
    Cadena kinda feels like twelve steps back for such a thought process.
  • Old MapleStory (Pre-Big Bang)

    Why Big Bang? Why is that the patch name we give whenever we wanna complain about the "good old days"?
    It can't be the patch everything apparently went to hell. Players don't just stop being friendly because suddenly everything about your world has changed, unless we are talking about a sudden zombie apocalypse, but I digress. Such results take time to develop. Big Bang added the changes, but it can't be the absolute direct cause, can it?
  • Can Hayato stack Willow Dodge vs Bosses?

    It should be possible to trigger during a boss, but the thing is that it all relies on your ability to walk into the enemy to take touch damage.

    What I hate is the fact that Dual Blades have a similar skill, but they also have Mirror Image, which triggers Shadow Meld every time the Mirror Image is attacked, so DBs have it better compared to Hayato.