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  • Equal marriage rights?

    AaronHusky wrote: »

    Just say you're homophobic and go.

    Ok I'm homophobic. I also hate some people eating bugs. I'm also humanphobic. Oh and I'm also insectphobic too right? I'm phobic at everything!

    I really hope nexon add gay marriage. Also please add monster marriage and item marriage. I love them so much. I also love my self. Can I marry myself? if you disagree you are homophobic.
  • Equal marriage rights?

    I'm sorry but gay marriage should never be added..
    You can call it freedom of choice but it means you don't need a law.

    If you love a guy, that's a best friend, not a fiance. Guy isn't a replacement for a girl. They're guy, and they shouldn't be a sexually attracted opponent. Or at least, they shouldn't be publicized like you want because people, especially young ones will learn a wrong thing through that.

    I'm not saying I'm not a weirdo and only the gay people are weird. However, people shouldn't try to make weirdo utopia. If they're doing weird stuff, they do it alone. If it's not right, you shouldn't make it right.
  • Fix the regular server economy

    I agree they should fix economy or at least lower the price of star forcing.
  • Increase RP monthly cap during relay

    Yeah I agree. It's nonsense there's a monthly limit especially in event like this.
    If they can't increase RP limit, they should at least show us how much we've used so we can adjust where we use RP.
  • Give invincible time when logging in

    I've died again today just because I logged off on the arcane river monster area.
    Maplestory takes quite long to load, and those white event box that pops up at the start makes loading time even longer.
    Which gives those floating mobs enough time to kill me. I can't drink potion, move or what so ever until I close that white event box.

    Please give invincible time when logging in, or remove those event box loading at the start. Or maybe you could add alternate safe map that would teleport you back to the map you were in before logging off.