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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    [UPDATE - 12:30 AM PST - Dec 2nd]

    Thank you all for your ongoing patience as we try to secure stable service for all Maplers. Reboot is still down at the moment and we are working on them, but all the other servers are up at this time.

    With this maintenance we have created more room in our servers to accommodate even more players, and have fixed the Kanna disconnect issue that occurred with the Limitless patch.

    We sincerely apologize for the frequent disruption in your gameplay and would like to offer the following compensation gift for this latest maintenance.
    - 70 V Coins
    - 1 Miracle Circulator
    - 2 of 3x EXP Coupons (15-mins)
    - 24 hour Cash Shop item extension

    We will update you when Reboot is online once again.
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    Nexon been hiring minimum wage coders since 2014 #WhatIsMaple #Twitch2016 #UsePotForKenisisSkills
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    Nexon : Hey maplers HUGE update coming soon loads of events stay tuned! (Hypes everyone up)
    Players: Holy s~~t Maple gettin awesome update lets play again!
    Nexon: Lets shut the game down for two days so they know not to leave us again. (Genius!)
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    TBH all this raging is pointless you guys want to get a point across? STOP BUYING NX FOR A WEEK f3
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    Yay tbh i think everyone would be happy if they gave everyone another day of 2x 10K NX and a miracle time thumbs up of u agree
    I'm wondering if we will see a surprise nx transfer event. I'm sure it would please the masses. Eh? Eh? *Bumps Nexon's shoulder* :D
    OMG this right here. Just 1 day of nxfer would be amazing compensation hahah! I mean i thought it would be common sense for there to be an nxfer with 5th job as people will be switching mains... but of course we are disappointed once again... NOT TO SAY THAT I'M AGAINST NEXON but i feel like this would have been an obvious, sensible, pleasing the masses event?

    However, since this is my first time really reading these forums i've noticed how negative this community is, like guys 1 it's just a game chill out 2 the people working on the servers deserve as much time as they need if it means that people get smoother game play... No wonder the game is dieing out if the community is indeed similar in the game as they are reflected in these forums O-O I mean, sure the long maintenances suck but it doesnt mean im gonna start raging in forums and blaming nexon...

    There have been a few comments saying that this has happened before and continuously - I do agree with the fact that nexon should have a test server for patches so that they don't take as long....

    Based on previous comments that supported nexon like this, there will be some dude that has to quote this and start going absolutely ballistic about me supporting nexon - please calm down, grab a beer, and find something to do other than wasting your time criticising posts that support the company that have hosted a brilliant game...

    Cheers for anyone who reads this ;D But people complaining for dayz on these forums really **** me off XD
    Tbh no one reading all that good try tho