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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    Yay tbh i think everyone would be happy if they gave everyone another day of 2x 10K NX and a miracle time thumbs up of u agree
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    Tbh i think the only reason why people raging is lack of speed in keep us all updated i dont mind waiting as long as i know why and for how long.
    They need to do these shut downs because theres hackers that would abuse the heck out of anything they can find
  • Black Friday Big Spender Event

    Do you not understand the concept of Reboot world? Many users play Reboot so they don't have to pay real money to upgrade gear. This is paying for Tyrant/Fafnir gear, even if the item is NOT your class.
    Your not paying to upgrade people bought nx for things the wanted persuaded by the bonus item you'll receive for doing so people didnt go out and buy nx spend it on useless items just to get the bonus.
  • Black Friday Big Spender Event

    Its not P2W its an event that people in reboot participated in its not like you can trade anyway i really dont see any harm in the game actually giving you class specific items from events?
    This is the equivalent of having tyrants in cash shop for 70k NX.

    It's not an event like the MapleWatch thing, where it doesn't take NX to participate. This event was only open to Cash users. In this event you were told: pay real-world money and get a Tyrant, and if you pay more you'll get both a Tyrant and a Fafnir. That's very clearly against the principle of Reboot.
    if so they should of stated reboot worlds are not allowed to participate and im sure people wouldnt of went out of their way to spend 70k nx people like the server because u buy cubes with mesos a tyrant equip or faf wep with no pot is literally trash
  • Having trouble logging in?

    All topics related to this issue have the most views the least they can do is tell us that we will be compensated for events we cant participate in...